Monday, September 27, 2021

Earthquake in Crete - and a Glass of Arran Brewery Dug in the Shed

 Hello Everyone,

Earthquake in Crete. There has been a big one, six point something, and houses in the Archannes, Arkolohorio areas have been toppled with many injured and at least one dead. It was felt in the Sissi area, and Vrahassi, but so far I have not heard of any damage there.

We had a trip to meet David's Auntie Anne who is over from New Zealand, and his sister's Nan (plus hubby, Lawrence) and Pauline. We all had lunch and a good old natter and then Dave and I hot footed it back to Birdwell just in time for the Theatre Club meeting.

We brought two bottles back from Arran, it is not going to be enough.

Rehearsals at Belmont Working Men's Club, Hoyland

Here is the Shedcast from Friday night:

We managed to get a new Sky television box installed this week because the old one had been on the blink for ages and finally gave up the ghost. And apart from that nothing much exciting has happened all week. My weight has gone up and that is not helping my mood, I hate being hungry but I know there is only one way to get rid of a few pounds. And I have to do that before the weight creeps up any further.

Right, time to boil a couple of eggs.

Love to all, keep safe and keep smiling,

Jane and David xx

P.S. Sorry it's a bit rushed this week, but I'm off out and about. Tell you next week.

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