Monday, August 30, 2021

Shedcast 34, A Wedding and Much, Much More!

Hello Everyone,

David and I have had yet another action packed week. We are certainly making up for the lonely lockdown days. I am going to start back to front this week, because yesterday, Sunday, was such fun and the perfect way to end a perfect week. 

Just after lunch we donned our hiking boots with a specific destination in mind - The Acorn pub at Burncross, a 5 mile gentle jaunt through West Wood along the Trans-Pennine Trail. The weather was a bit overcast but very pleasant for walking. And why The Acorn? Well, our very good mates, Lee Pollard and Paul Athorne were performing in their band, Atlantic Heights. It's the first time we have seen them play so we didn't know what type of music to expect. We were not disappointed - rock music. It was a 2 hour mini festival, complete with hotdog/burger stand, outdoor bar and all the fun of an outdoor band. And lucky for us there was a group of young girls sitting near us whose enthusiasm only added to the enjoyment of the afternoon. So, thank you ladies for all the fun, and thank you, Lee, Paul, Gareth, Matt, and Karl for your excellent music making.

Working backwards, Saturday was just as much fun at the wedding of John and Karen.

And we danced the night away...

One step back and it was Friday night and Shed night, so here is our Shedcast, number 34 - The Surprise Parcel

I spent the whole of Wednesday (it felt like it anyway) in Barnsley doing a bit of last minute shopping and picking up David's trousers from the dry cleaners. And I had my hair trimmed a bit. I did enjoy going round the shops, although places in the Alhambra like TK Max and Next were very low in stock as they are on the move next month to new premises in The Glassworks. Not to worry, I still managed to get what I wanted, mainly a glittery belt. I then did the market and bought a sloppy top and an oversized dress (£10) which, I have to admit is a bit big. Anyway, the way my diet is going with all this new found social life, I might need it.

MONDAY - On Monday my sister Jo, her hubby David, and son Ben together with his bride to be (in January), Hayley, came to see us and we spent a brilliant afternoon and evening, catching up as we had not been together for months. We had lunch at the Strafford Alms just down the road, which was lovely, and then went home for a good old natter. The old photos came out, and Ben played piano for us. I did try out a bit of cello (not good after a bottle of Prosecco), and we had such a laugh opening the box (see Shedcast 34 above). We rounded up the day around our little firepit in the garden before waving them off, back to Manchester.

Did I mention last week that we went to a birthday party last Sunday, It has been such an action packed week. And in between all of this I have had rehearsals for the play, which is coming up fast, 'That's the Spirit' at the Academy Theatre on 11/12 September, and, a fun night at the Belmont Club with the Hoyland Theatre Group. Have you got your ticket yet?

Gosh! And I'm still breathing! And if I thought I could now relax, none of it. Our daughter, Jo is coming at the weekend, we are going to an exciting Golden Wedding Anniversary party (David's sister, Nan and Lawrence) on the Worth Valley Railway Steam train, followed by further adventures, so no time for binge box sets this week.

Do log on to my blog next week to see what we have to report. I am sure it is not going to be a quiet week. Thank you again for all the people who have been part of our lives this week, may you also live in interesting times. 

Keep healthy, and keep smiling,
Lots of love,
Jane and David xx

PS And a special hello to Vito and Sharon, David and Kaeley (hope I've spelt that right) whom we met at the wedding.

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