Saturday, August 14, 2021

Covid Blues and Jane's Weeping Woman

 Hi All,

I'm not going to hide this, I'v been in a shockingly depresses mood this week, not least, because my weight has shot up and I hate being hungry. Anyway, I did cut down on the number of slices of bread in a day, and there was no cake in the house (another reason for the depression) so my trousers do once again fasten around the waist. That said, I still feel like a living Beryl Cook lady, and I know there are going to be hungry days ahead.

And whilst feeling thus, I produced my painting of the week, my very own 'weeping woman':

Jane's Weeping Woman

And do you know, while I was in the shed, a terrible accident happened in Birdwell, when a motor cyclist and a car were in a collision. The first I knew of it was when the Air Ambulance came thundering overhead. The accident had been somewhere around Aldi's just up the road. I didn't know at the time, but I guessed someone was not having a good day. More tears!

However, I had a buzzy night (and yes, I mean buzzy) at the Hoyland Theatre Group meeting on Thursday evening, and successful rehearsals today for our up coming play at the Academy Theatre on 11/12 September, so I am, in fact, feeling much better. I even wrote an Aunt Martha verse or two, which I have recorded here: https: //

I have noticed that the Youtube Shedcast is not visible on mobile phones, but if you go to the bottom of the page you will be able to open the website, and find the Youtube videos. Otherwise check them out on FaceBook by looking in my Timeline.

We have not stopped walking, but have only managed three decent hikes this week, still, we have been busy doing other things. It has taken us all week to get over the many celebrations we have had over the past few weeks, and now we are building up to the next round of popping corks. 

My task for the coming week is to paint something 'jolly' and lift the spirits a bit. I'm trying not to watch too much TV news whilst keeping up to date with radio broadcasts. 

David is going to fix a little coffee table for us, then when we have visitors we won't have to balance stuff on our knees. And we finally got rid of the remnants of the old sofa at the tip this week. I am formulating ideas for new curtains, too, (remember the ones I got at the charity shop? They have served us well all summer, but I am getting very annoyed by the fact that one curtain is shorter than the other and I am having to hide the shorter one with a flower vase that is also well past its sell by date), very annoying.

These things matter, you know.

So, before I find anything else to moan about I'll say ta taa! I know what you will all be saying: KEEP WELL AND KEEP SMILING!
So that is exactly what I aim to do.

Love to everyone,
Jane and David xx

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