Monday, August 23, 2021

A Whirlwind Week and Visitors in the Shed

Hello Everyone,

Well, I've hardly had time to draw breath this week. It has certainly been the busiest and most social week we have had in a long time.

The week started well with a trip to Sheffield on Sunday afternoon where we spent a couple of hours down on the Quays at the Dorothy Pax bar where Ray Hearne and his daughter were performing. The bodhran player, Ciaran Boyle also made a guest appearance, as did the Fagan boys, Hamish and Harry. The whole show was a real treat and our first trip to Sheffield Quays was a total success.

On Monday we had to take the car in to have the breaks sorted out (an essential job) and while Halfords were sorting that out, David and I took a look in the shops, first B&M and then Dunelm. We wanted a few bits and it was good to just mosey around the isles and see what was on offer. We have now discovered that B&M is a good place to go to buy the Greek larger, Mythos. We didn't actually buy any, but we now know where to go should we decide we need some. Anyway we had a snack in the Dunelm coffee shop and that was very pleasant.

On Wednesday I spent the whole afternoon with Valentino (cello). The first time I have touched him in ages, shame on me, but it was a good practice.

Thursday was cleaning the house day ready for visitors on Friday, but we did manage a trip down the road to the 'jam lady' and as we were passing The Cock, we popped in for a cheeky pint.

And that brings us to Friday, Shednight, Yeah! And while we were enjoying life in our back garden we happened to see our new next door but one neighbours. Well, we had a chat and one thing led to another and before we knew it we were sitting in the shed enjoying a bottle of wine with Graham and Glenna - a Shed Afternoon.

The day unfolded perfectly and our evening guest arrived just after 6p.m. John Carter and his partner Karen. We knew John way back in Crete where he was a holiday rep. It's many moons ago and a long time since we last saw him. To cut a long story very short, we are invited to John and Karen's wedding and thought it would be great to get together to talk about their upcoming day. It turned out to be a brilliant evening, ending with toes toasting round our fire pit. So, here is our shedcast with visitors, John and Karen.

Saturday, and 10.30 to Belmont Club at Hoyland for our weekly rehearsal of 'That's the Spirit!' Get your ticket soon if you haven't already got one.

AND SUNDAY we were off partying again. This time it was at the Boatman's Rest at Worsbrough Dale where we had a family gathering for our son's partner's birthday - Tracy, 50 today! It was a great get together with our lovely granddaughters, Star and Jade. Here are a few pics:

AND TODAY, MONDAY as I write we are awaiting the arrival of my sister, Joanna, her hubby, David, and their eldest son, Ben with his bride to be (in January), Hayley. They are on their way from Manchester and we are all going out for lunch at the Strafford Alms, near Birdwell. It's another first for us, so we hope it will be OK. See next week's blog for a full account.

So, as you can imagine, I am slightly busy getting ready to go out. I hope you have all had a good week. For us it has been such whirlwind week, and beautifully sociable one. I think I could get used to having visitors in the shed, give us a ring if you fancy popping round.

Until next week then, keep well and keep smiling, 
Lots of love, Jane and David xx

P.S. And as we have a wedding to go to next Saturday, there will be photo's of that to look forward to.

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