Sunday, August 8, 2021

53 Years and Still Laughing!


Hello Everyone,

The Art House is our favourite dining out place, interesting, intimate and indulgent. For our 53rd Wedding Anniversary we dined in style, yes, steak and chips and a bottle of champagne. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day, a day spent discovering Lincoln. We had never been to Lincoln so decided it would be a lovely day out on our anniversary, to trip off in The Dream Machine and take a look at the Cathedral. So that is exactly what we did. Here are the pics of our jolly:

And the next day, to clear our heads a little, we walked out of Birdwell to the campsite where our son, David Jnr, is trying out his new model festival tent cum yurt. However, the heavens opened and we all got a bit wet, that's life!

On Thursday we popped over to see our Granddaughter, Star, at her new flat in Hoyland, where David fixed new curtain rails. And on Friday we had an 'at home' day, I did a bit of painting, and David was researching for our up coming trip to Arran. Then of course it was Shednight, yeah! and here is our Shedcast number 31:

And that brings us to David's birthday and another jolly day. The morning was taken up with rehearsals for me, and shelf putting up, for David, but that was over by lunchtime by which time we were in Birthday mode. We tripped off to Wentworth and took a look around the antique centre, had a cuppa in the tea shop then went to Elsecar to look around the Heritage centre. That was a good move because I managed to find new shoes and a matching handbag that are perfect for the wedding we are invited to at the end of August, and hopefully will be OK for the other wedding we are invited to in January. Then it was home where we parked up and walked to The Traveler's Rest for a Birthday pint and a glass of cider before the cutting of the cake. And because those pictures have not yet transported to Google I will have to put them up later. You will probably have seen them on Facebook anyway.

My mission for today, as it is tippling down outside, is to finish reading the book I bought by Grayson Perry, The Decent of Man, and not a lot else. I suppose there will be a small saucepan of cooking involved, and the odd episode of Heartbeat to catch up on.

So, we'll catch up again next week. Have a good week, all. Keep well, and keep smiling,

Love, Jane and David xx

P.S. And here is my Anniversary poem:

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