Sunday, July 25, 2021

Shedcast 29 - Creative Walking

 Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this heatwave, I certainly am. It is a tad hot to be pushing the miles, but this week I have managed to clock my total up to almost 70 miles during July. My target is 100 miles by the 31st, so I will be out every day this week.

Once we had packed away all the camping gear and done all the washing after our little trip to Hornsea last week, we had a clear run at doing other things this week. Off course, walking was involved, but as I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen I decided to 'flat' walk for a couple of days and I spent a lovely hour on the football pitch creating an abstract 'footprint' on the Strava app. This is what came of it:

I have now received £70 in donations which is a bit off my goal of £150 so if you can help me out I would appreciate it. DONATE HERE


I was also very busy during the week writing my first screen play. It was for a competition that is being held by Wentworth Woodhouse. I thought I would give it a go and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Fingers crossed, but if nothing comes of it I still have the outline of a play, which I intend to write if I don't win the competition. Meanwhile, I have an idea for another play, which I will work on next week.

David and I have been enjoying the garden and the facilities of our own bar. Though, generally speaking, people are out and about as normal, we don't feel inclined to join the crowds, so pubs are off limits to us at the moment.

Rehearsals began this week for the play 'That's the Spirit' to be performed at the Academy Theatre in Birdwell 11/12 September. Exciting stuff!

So, that brought us to Shednight, our weekly moment of madness in the shed:

So, that was our week. I'm looking forward to another week of craziness, why not? Meanwhile, keep safe everbody, enjoy the Olympic Games if that is your thing, keep moving yourself and keep smiling.

Love to everyone,
Jane and David xx

P.S. Photo of the Week - To the woods!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Shedcast 28 - Carry on Camping!

Hello Everyone,

Shedcast is on the road. We saw that the weather was going to be glorious for a few days so the tent came out, the blow up beds, the camping stove etc and before we knew it we were heading out of Birdwell towards the east coast. That was Wednesday, and today being Sunday we are back, unpacked, all the washing done, put away and it is time for an evening snifter before we watch the new crime series on the BBC, Baptiste, at 9.00pm.

Here is our short Shedcast, but their are lots of photo's for you to see what we've been up to all week.

First we called to see Roger and take a look at his shed, with the name, 'Jock's Lodge.' At 89 years of age, Roger can relax with his music, his books, and his television, in his own, insulated shed (very posh).

After a great catch up we set off to find the campsite we had booked on line, Northorpe, an absolutely brilliant site as you will see from our pics. The tent was soon up and we were ready to explore.

Tea that evening was, yes you guessed it - fish and chips.

And back at the campsite a lovely hot chocolate.

And a nightcap before bed.

Night Night!

Day 1 - Thursday, we set off to hike along the coast road towards Bridlington. It was a fantastic walk, but in places the coastal path had eroded and we had to make several detours before getting to Skipsea. Anyway we walked 12 miles and when we got back to Hornsea we went into the Rose and Crown for a cool beer/cider and a bite to eat.

The next day we had a trip out in the car to see our friends, Sandra and Martin. Now they have a shed and a half, it is like a village hall and in fact has seen many a village gathering. We had a little celebration to while away the afternoon before heading back to our tent.

And when we got back we had a little rest and then set off again across the fields to the north end of the promenade and a treat of fish and chips from Sullivan's Fish & Chip Shop. Absolutely delicious!

And another nightcap!

That brought us to Saturday morning and time to deflate the blow-up beds and pack away the tent.

And, of course, time to pay the lovely Jo, who owns the site together with her partner, Martin. 

After 30 years, David and I were back in a tent. 3 nights was just right, nothing like the 72 nights we spent in our two-man, carry on your back tent which we trogged overland to Crete with in February 1992. And nowhere near as cold. I did vow never to go camping again, but somehow, the wild was calling, and...

...after a little rest we'll be ready to carry on camping.

We are half way to completing our 100 miles in July walk for Barnsley Hospice. I only have to raise £150 to reach my target. I'm walking, can you give just a little to help me reach my goal. Here's a big hug, and a thank you in advance. Donate here

It's been an absolutely cracking week for us, I do hope you have 
been enjoying all this sunshine, please keep safe, and keep smiling, this Covid thing is not over yet but we all know what to do - Hands, Face, Space, and if you are Richard Branson, Outer Space.  

Love to Everyone
Jane and David xx

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