Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shedcast 24 - In the Driving Seat 18 06 2021 at 17 20

Hello Everyone,

Well, it has been an eventful week what with football, quiz nights, zooms, family visits and the beginning of training for our up coming July 100 mile walk to help raise money for Barnsley Hospice. Our lovely orange T-shirts have arrived (to be modelled next week), and I have downloaded a step app on my phone so that I can monitor my training. I have also discovered non-alcohol beer to keep me refreshed. Despite the forecast of a wet week ahead we intend to get out every day for a brisk walk.

We popped into Barnsley this morning in the Dream Machine. The town centre was heaving with a 50/50 masked and unmasked crowd. I did venture into TK Max and bought a sweatshirt, and new socks for David from Marks and Spencer's but we did not linger, I still don't like being in such close proximity to other people and I was glad to get home.

We have slipped into becoming temporary football fans of the England team, but the game with Scotland last night was a bit wishy-washy resulting in no goals and a bit of a disappointment. David says I hexed it with waving both flags, take a look at the video below to see what I mean. There you go!

So, here is the resume of last week in the form of our Shedcast, and below are one or two photos from the week. My little design (below) is yet another finger picture done on my phone, just a doodle really. 

That's it for another week, I am going to make a chocolate cake today, fingers crossed, and maybe even get Valentino out and do a bit of practice. So far, and it is only early morning, the weather is fine though looking a bit grey. We had better get walking before it tipples down. Do have a good weekend, everyone.
Keep safe and keep smiling,
Bye for now,
Love from Jane and David xx

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