Monday, June 28, 2021

Shedcast 25 - And my encounter with a £30,000 sapphire and diamond ring

Hello Everyone,

It is Monday, and my apologies for being late in putting this blog out, but David and I have been away from home, verily gadding about in North Yorkshire. After a wonderful week together with friends we are now back and excited about starting our 100 miles in July walk to help raise money for the Barnsley Hospice. So, a big 'Thank You' to our mates over in North Yorkshire for giving us such a lovely break, hope to see you again soon.

Here is our Shedcast, this week from a small but perfectly formed shed, at the bottom of a large and perfectly planted garden, It makes the little patch at the back of our house look more like a field than a garden, but as David says, wild flowers can look just as beautiful. Anyway, I came home with a bag full of Begonias so we can posh it up a bit. When you have watched the blog take a look at what else we got up to during the week, in photos below, including my encounter with a £30,000 sapphire and diamond ring. 

The week started well with a walk in the countryside while the fellas got to work building a raised patio at the back of the house.

So, guess where I am? I thought it was Cape Canaveral or a secret rocket base in the heart of Yorkshire. Beam me up Scotty!

The chaps were hard at it when we got back

The next day we went to see David's sister, Nan and Lawrence who we hadn't seen for over two years. It was so good to get together again.

Our drive out to Ripon and beyond took us to The Black Sheep Brewery at Masham where we bought a quantity of beer and a beer mat for our shed, yeah!

The it was back to work on the wonderful wall.

Meanwhile it was back to the woods for us.

The next day we went to Salt's Mill, at Bingley where we mooched around the book shop, the David Hockney paintings, the Simon Palmer exhibition, the antique shop and cookware department. It was all very interesting, and a little surprise when we found the Valley Press Anthology of Yorkshire Poetry was on display and for sale in the book shop. And guess who has a poem in that little book - Moi!

And to end the week we had a barbecue and bubbly event.

So let me tell you about the £30,000 sapphire and diamond ring. It just so happens that a long time ago, I was given, as a present, a rough emerald from Brazil. I have always wanted to have it made into a ring, though I know it is not terribly valuable. So while I was in Skipton I popped in to a little jewellery shop in Sheep Street. It had been recommended as a place that did jewellery repairs and commissions as well as selling exquisite items, Isaacs Working Jewellers. As I suspected my stone was not at all valuable, but Mr Saj Anwar told me it could be made into a beautiful ring, or perhaps a pendant, if I so wished. To show me some of the exquisite work of the shop, Saj disappeared into the back to bring me a commissioned ring that was waiting to be picked up. It was the most fabulous ring set in platinum, and I could not resist popping it onto my finger. Well, it fit perfectly and it looked as though it should have been mine, large enough to be pleasing whilst conservative enough not to look too 'in your face' as they say.
I enquired as to the price - £30,000. You should have seen the jaw drop. I think my words were, 'it's out of my league.' As proof of quality workmanship it was second to none, and Raj told me that platinum being more difficult than gold to work, makes it so valuable. 
I know that my rough emerald will be in good hands when I hand it over to Saj to make into a piece of jewellery for me, even though it won't be in platinum. It may not be this month (unless I can persuade David not to eat for a month) but the idea has been born, the goal is in site and now I just have to make a plan to make it happen. Everything is possible! Thank you, Saj for the inspiration. So now you know where to go for that special piece, it's like opening the door to a secret garden of exquisiteness, right there in the middle of Skipton - Isaacs Working Jewellers

So that's all folks, back to Monday washing. Oh and maybe a little warm up walk to ease the legs into July. Have a good week. David and I will be back in our humble shed on Friday. Keep safe and keep smiling.
Love and hugs,
Jane and David xx

P.S. I'm still suffering from bling blindness - £30,000, on my finger, whatever next!
Oh, and yes the new patio wall did get finished.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shedcast 24 - In the Driving Seat 18 06 2021 at 17 20

Hello Everyone,

Well, it has been an eventful week what with football, quiz nights, zooms, family visits and the beginning of training for our up coming July 100 mile walk to help raise money for Barnsley Hospice. Our lovely orange T-shirts have arrived (to be modelled next week), and I have downloaded a step app on my phone so that I can monitor my training. I have also discovered non-alcohol beer to keep me refreshed. Despite the forecast of a wet week ahead we intend to get out every day for a brisk walk.

We popped into Barnsley this morning in the Dream Machine. The town centre was heaving with a 50/50 masked and unmasked crowd. I did venture into TK Max and bought a sweatshirt, and new socks for David from Marks and Spencer's but we did not linger, I still don't like being in such close proximity to other people and I was glad to get home.

We have slipped into becoming temporary football fans of the England team, but the game with Scotland last night was a bit wishy-washy resulting in no goals and a bit of a disappointment. David says I hexed it with waving both flags, take a look at the video below to see what I mean. There you go!

So, here is the resume of last week in the form of our Shedcast, and below are one or two photos from the week. My little design (below) is yet another finger picture done on my phone, just a doodle really. 

That's it for another week, I am going to make a chocolate cake today, fingers crossed, and maybe even get Valentino out and do a bit of practice. So far, and it is only early morning, the weather is fine though looking a bit grey. We had better get walking before it tipples down. Do have a good weekend, everyone.
Keep safe and keep smiling,
Bye for now,
Love from Jane and David xx

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shedcast 23 Let's Get Socialising12 06 2021 at 10 52

Hello Everyone,

It is great to be able to get out and about even though we are still keeping a healthy distance from other people. I went to Barnsley last week to do a bit of shopping, yes I wore a mask, even in the street, because quite frankly once the mask is on I find it easier to keep it on until I am home. Barnsley centre was very busy but the shops were not packed so I think people are still preferring the outside to the inside. There were lots of people sitting outside coffee shops. Anyway I enjoyed my little trip out and the exercise was good for me. I'm loving the warmer weather it makes life so much more pleasurable.

This week I have been busy with my writing making a few adjustments to my poems for the Spoken Word event on the 4th July, and I have been rehearsing my part in the play 'That's the spirit!' which is on at the Academy Theatre, Birdwell, on the 11th and 12th September. I seem to have come full circle since playing the part of Elvira in Blithe Spirit when I was 15yrs old. That was a long time ago!

Painting of the week: well it has only been a few more designs using the phone notebook, so not much to say about that.

I managed to brake the toilet flush function again yesterday but have made a temporary repair, so we are not exactly 'flushless'. David knows quite a lot about flushing mechanisms - say no more.

I managed to cut my hair this week, I haven't been to a hairdresser for about two years now, I did my own before the Covid shutdown, so I just continue in the same way. I will colour it later on in the week. David does his (what hair he has left) own, too. It makes a huge saving on our budget which, personally I put towards clothes or whatever.

Here are some pictures from last week:

And her is Shedcast 23 - Let's Get Socialising.

As ever, keep safe and keep smiling!
Have a lovely week,
Jane and David xx

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Shedcast 22 04 06 2021 at 16 09

Hello Everyone,

Finally, days of sunshine! David and I have had a splendid week inside and outside. We ventured out in the evening on two occasions, one for the Cock Inn pub Quiz Night, and one to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield to enjoy an hour of comedy with Lee Pollard. Both excellent nights out.

Anyway it is all in the shedcast so I'll leave you to listen in. I will post photo's of the week below, they say it all. I have a busy day ahead as I am helping to edit the upcoming Shortlands Poetry Circle Anthology to commemorate their 110 year anniversary. So, it will be an afternoon in the garden, doing what I really enjoy - reading poetry.

Our visit to the theatre - The Crucible in Sheffield. We looked like aliens, but then so did everyone else.

We went for a drive in the new (as yet unnamed) car, and had a little picnic in the countryside.

And, if you haven't seen my phone-art, here are some of the little pictures that I have created with my phone and index finger, on my new phone. I love doing this instant artwork.

I don't appear to have created a Happy Monday, I'll work on it for next week, meantime, I hope you have all had as good a week as we have. David is in the garden this morning, painting his little shed and the sun is shining. 

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe and keep smiling,
See you next week,
Love Jane and David xx

Tears From The Sun - The Story