Saturday, May 29, 2021

Shedcast 21 - 4 Wheels on My Wagon 28 05 2021 at 18 12

Hello Everyone,

Exciting news this week! We have bought a car - yeah! We haven't had a car for 4 years and before the pandemic we were quite happy trotting off here there and everywhere by bus. But we have decided the time is right to have a little car. We will pick it up from Rotherham, later today. 

Last night was delightful, too. We participated in a Zoom Poetry Quiz organised by the Shortlands Poetry Circle, it was an evening of fun and we also learned a lot. And, David offered to take me to the Sunday night quiz down at the Cock Inn. We are beginning to have a bit of a social scene.

So, here is last night's Shedcast:

Painting of the week. Well this week I have done something a little different. Finding I could draw little pictures on my phone I have done a series of morning greetings and posted one each day on FaceBook. Here they are:

That was fun, Sunday and Monday will be added later.

AND my dungerees finally came from China - 2 months after I ordered them. They are OK and ideal for the summer.

Here it is 4 wheels on our waggon and we'll be rolling along - very soon.

Watch out friends and relatives, we may be heading your way very soon.

It's Bank Holiday weekend, and the sun is going to shine. Make the most of it everyone and remember, keep safe and keep smiling.
Love from Jane and David xx

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