Saturday, May 22, 2021

Shedcast 20 - Our Local Pub is Open 21 05 2021 at 18 57

Hello Lovely People,

I'm a wee bit late writing this blog (well a few hours) because firstly, I was up late this morning, and secondly, I spent some time trying to get through to Virgin because my new phone SIM card had not been activated, and a girl without a phone is like an aspidistra that hasn't been watered for weeks, I was definitely wilting. Anyway, the good news is that I am now up and running again. And why did I need a new phone - watch the video to find out. Shedcast 20, blimey we've kept at it, and now we have, what I think is the smallest cafe-neon in the world, I am sure there will be lots more Shedcasts to come. So, sit back and join us for last night's Shedcast 20.

Artwork of the week - Sorry, nothing that I am prepared to share. It was one of those rainy weeks when going into the Art House was not such an appealing thing to do. 

Cello Practice - I did, however, manage a few hours with Valentino, and hope to be up to speed with The Swan, very soon. Bach's Prelude is coming on, and I can play a bit of Beetles just for fun.

As you may have heard (if you have watched the video) I managed to drop my mobile phone down the toilet last week. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, but I have, thus far, never dropped a phone down the toilet before, and of course, rinsing it under the tap may not have helped. I did try to dry it out, but when I took the back off it a couple of days later, it was still full of toilet water - not good!

I have to say my old phone was ready to be replaced, and I have managed to get another one at quite a low cost, so now it is working I'm a happy bunny.

I also did a bit of cloths shopping during the week from a shop in Lytham, it is called Room Lytham and my order was instantly dispatched and within two days I was flouncing around in a new top and trousers, and new beads. I'm delighted with my purchase and recommend you take a look at their shop in Lytham, or online at: Room Lytham Check them out on Facebook too where they post live videos of what's new in. They do specialise in Italian clothing for the fuller figure, but I'm a 14 and whatever I have bought fits great. I like loose!

What else? Well apart from a poetry Zoom meeting, not a lot. David and I went to the Cock, Birdwell, yesterday, and for the first time in a year enjoyed a drink inside the pub. It was so good to be able to chat with a few locals. We were all seated apart, table service (thanks Jen) and, we have booked a table for Sunday Lunch. Yes, I will not be cooking this Sunday, alleluia!

I am looking forward to our poetry circle's Quiz Night next Friday, 28 May on Zoom, and our regular SPC's Reader's meeting on Tuesday. I have poems to comment on, and I must catch up on my reading before the end of the month, so it will be a busy week ahead.

Look after yourselves everyone, and don't forget to keep smiling. See you next week.

Lots of love,
Jane and David xx

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