Saturday, May 15, 2021

Shedcast 19 - The Magic of a CafeneionTable 14 05 2021 at 17 52

Hello Everyone,

David and I were back in the shed last night (after the Boris coronavirus update) to chat about our week and debate a few issues. We would have popped down to The Cock yesterday afternoon but we just managed to get back home after our walk before the rain set in, and just as we were setting off this lunchtime for a cheeky pint before lunch, it rained again. Roll on a sunny day. So, here is the shedcast from last night, we followed it by watching Van de Valk on the tele - not my cup of tea, but David seemed to enjoy it. 

Hey Ho! We enjoyed our burgers, they were not ruined so we didn't go to bed hungery.

Painting of the week - this was a hard one, I thought I would have a go at painting waves. It's not as easy as you might think. Anyway this is a first attempt so I'll try harder next time.

We had a little shopping trip into Barnsley at the beginning of the week. The town was quite busy so we didn't linger, but we managed to get a few bits from Wilco's and Boots. I did look around Next, but there was nothing took my eye. The bus was busy and, as ever, we were glad to be home.

Our walk through the woods last week was swift yet enjoyable. We walked to the Mill and then back through Birdwell woods. It was a tad muddy, but I had my stick and my legs were good to cross the many styles we came across. And when we got back we enjoyed lunch at our own little 'kafenieon' at the bottom of the garden.

This morning I received my complementary copy of the 'Hear My Voice 2020' collection of poems by people of Barnsley including Ian McMillan and Eloise Unerman. I have a poem in there so I'm proper chuffed.

It's not been a bad week, all in all. Now I have to turn my attention towards a little publication which is in the planning stage, by members of the Shortlands Poetry Circle, due for publication by the end of the summer. It's all go.

If you haven't seen my little YouTube videos of recordings of my favourite poems (not mine) from long ago, you know, Edward Lear, Lewis Caroll etc, you might like to take a look at Poetry from the Shed, where every week I choose a famous poem to read out loud.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,
Keep safe and keep smiling,
Jane and David xx

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