Saturday, May 1, 2021

Shedcast 17 30 04 2021 at 16 56

Hello Everyone,

We were back in the shed last night for our Shedcast and regular ring-round of our friends. We did intend tripping off into the countryside again, yesterday, but it was so cold we decided a short walk would be best and then our regular Friday night pint in The Art House. So, from the cosiness of our little shed, here is our Shedcast number 17:

Our week started well with a visitation from my sister Joanna, and hubby, David. It was Sunday and the sun shone. We sat in the garden with a glass of prosecco and soaked up the company. It was sooooooooo good to chat, and laugh, and catch up after a year of being apart due to the Covid Laws.

My lovely sister brought me chocolates and flowers and a load of other things, but best of all was the hug that we had both missed for so long. She also brought the good news that her eldest son, Ben, had got engaged at the weekend to Hayley. Congratulations you two!

There was no painting of the week this week, I was too busy writing, but I did tidy up the shed a bit. And speaking of writing, I enjoyed a zoom meeting with members of the Shortlands Poetry Circle, which is always inspiring.

World news is not good as far as the virus is going; India is in a state of emergency, hospitals are overwhelmed, there is a shortage of ventilators and oxygen, and aid is being sent from around the world. My heart goes out to those poor people. And it is not just India, parts of Africa have got it bad and South America. This thing is far from over.

There has been a lot of 'Boris Bashing' in the press, this week, all about who paid for his flat to be decorated - I ask you, do we really care right now when the world is in such a state? Surely there are more important matters to debate in Parliament.

On a brighter note, it's the first of May - hurray! Kalo Mina! to my Greek friends, and Kalo Paska! as this weekend is the Greek Easter. May your lamb be succulent and your spirits high!

And on that note I will wrap up for today and go and get some breakfast, have a good week ahead.

Keep safe, and keep smiling,
Jane and David xx

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