Saturday, May 29, 2021

Shedcast 21 - 4 Wheels on My Wagon 28 05 2021 at 18 12

Hello Everyone,

Exciting news this week! We have bought a car - yeah! We haven't had a car for 4 years and before the pandemic we were quite happy trotting off here there and everywhere by bus. But we have decided the time is right to have a little car. We will pick it up from Rotherham, later today. 

Last night was delightful, too. We participated in a Zoom Poetry Quiz organised by the Shortlands Poetry Circle, it was an evening of fun and we also learned a lot. And, David offered to take me to the Sunday night quiz down at the Cock Inn. We are beginning to have a bit of a social scene.

So, here is last night's Shedcast:

Painting of the week. Well this week I have done something a little different. Finding I could draw little pictures on my phone I have done a series of morning greetings and posted one each day on FaceBook. Here they are:

That was fun, Sunday and Monday will be added later.

AND my dungerees finally came from China - 2 months after I ordered them. They are OK and ideal for the summer.

Here it is 4 wheels on our waggon and we'll be rolling along - very soon.

Watch out friends and relatives, we may be heading your way very soon.

It's Bank Holiday weekend, and the sun is going to shine. Make the most of it everyone and remember, keep safe and keep smiling.
Love from Jane and David xx

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Shedcast 20 - Our Local Pub is Open 21 05 2021 at 18 57

Hello Lovely People,

I'm a wee bit late writing this blog (well a few hours) because firstly, I was up late this morning, and secondly, I spent some time trying to get through to Virgin because my new phone SIM card had not been activated, and a girl without a phone is like an aspidistra that hasn't been watered for weeks, I was definitely wilting. Anyway, the good news is that I am now up and running again. And why did I need a new phone - watch the video to find out. Shedcast 20, blimey we've kept at it, and now we have, what I think is the smallest cafe-neon in the world, I am sure there will be lots more Shedcasts to come. So, sit back and join us for last night's Shedcast 20.

Artwork of the week - Sorry, nothing that I am prepared to share. It was one of those rainy weeks when going into the Art House was not such an appealing thing to do. 

Cello Practice - I did, however, manage a few hours with Valentino, and hope to be up to speed with The Swan, very soon. Bach's Prelude is coming on, and I can play a bit of Beetles just for fun.

As you may have heard (if you have watched the video) I managed to drop my mobile phone down the toilet last week. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, but I have, thus far, never dropped a phone down the toilet before, and of course, rinsing it under the tap may not have helped. I did try to dry it out, but when I took the back off it a couple of days later, it was still full of toilet water - not good!

I have to say my old phone was ready to be replaced, and I have managed to get another one at quite a low cost, so now it is working I'm a happy bunny.

I also did a bit of cloths shopping during the week from a shop in Lytham, it is called Room Lytham and my order was instantly dispatched and within two days I was flouncing around in a new top and trousers, and new beads. I'm delighted with my purchase and recommend you take a look at their shop in Lytham, or online at: Room Lytham Check them out on Facebook too where they post live videos of what's new in. They do specialise in Italian clothing for the fuller figure, but I'm a 14 and whatever I have bought fits great. I like loose!

What else? Well apart from a poetry Zoom meeting, not a lot. David and I went to the Cock, Birdwell, yesterday, and for the first time in a year enjoyed a drink inside the pub. It was so good to be able to chat with a few locals. We were all seated apart, table service (thanks Jen) and, we have booked a table for Sunday Lunch. Yes, I will not be cooking this Sunday, alleluia!

I am looking forward to our poetry circle's Quiz Night next Friday, 28 May on Zoom, and our regular SPC's Reader's meeting on Tuesday. I have poems to comment on, and I must catch up on my reading before the end of the month, so it will be a busy week ahead.

Look after yourselves everyone, and don't forget to keep smiling. See you next week.

Lots of love,
Jane and David xx

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Poetry from the Shed - The King's Breakfast by A A Milne

Sometime's it is good to sit back and be read to - this week, The King's Breakfast by A A Milne, one of my favourites from way back.

Keep smiling!
Jane Sharp x

Shedcast 19 - The Magic of a CafeneionTable 14 05 2021 at 17 52

Hello Everyone,

David and I were back in the shed last night (after the Boris coronavirus update) to chat about our week and debate a few issues. We would have popped down to The Cock yesterday afternoon but we just managed to get back home after our walk before the rain set in, and just as we were setting off this lunchtime for a cheeky pint before lunch, it rained again. Roll on a sunny day. So, here is the shedcast from last night, we followed it by watching Van de Valk on the tele - not my cup of tea, but David seemed to enjoy it. 

Hey Ho! We enjoyed our burgers, they were not ruined so we didn't go to bed hungery.

Painting of the week - this was a hard one, I thought I would have a go at painting waves. It's not as easy as you might think. Anyway this is a first attempt so I'll try harder next time.

We had a little shopping trip into Barnsley at the beginning of the week. The town was quite busy so we didn't linger, but we managed to get a few bits from Wilco's and Boots. I did look around Next, but there was nothing took my eye. The bus was busy and, as ever, we were glad to be home.

Our walk through the woods last week was swift yet enjoyable. We walked to the Mill and then back through Birdwell woods. It was a tad muddy, but I had my stick and my legs were good to cross the many styles we came across. And when we got back we enjoyed lunch at our own little 'kafenieon' at the bottom of the garden.

This morning I received my complementary copy of the 'Hear My Voice 2020' collection of poems by people of Barnsley including Ian McMillan and Eloise Unerman. I have a poem in there so I'm proper chuffed.

It's not been a bad week, all in all. Now I have to turn my attention towards a little publication which is in the planning stage, by members of the Shortlands Poetry Circle, due for publication by the end of the summer. It's all go.

If you haven't seen my little YouTube videos of recordings of my favourite poems (not mine) from long ago, you know, Edward Lear, Lewis Caroll etc, you might like to take a look at Poetry from the Shed, where every week I choose a famous poem to read out loud.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,
Keep safe and keep smiling,
Jane and David xx

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Poetry from the Shed - 'Jabberwoky' by Lewis Caroll

Hello Poetry Lover,

I used to go into retirement homes to talk about poetry, and I was often asked to read aloud some of the old favourites which people had learned when they were young. These familiar poems were much appreciated, so I have decided to make a few recordings of my own favourite poems, and those poems asked for by others. If you have a favourite poem let me know in the comments, below. This week, 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Caroll

Keep safe and keep smiling,
Jane x

Shedcast 18 from The Cock Inn, Birdwell 07 05 2021 at 14 37

Hi old friends and new, and our new friends this week are, Lou and Lee who are 'mine hosts' at the Cock Inn, Birdwell.

Once we realised that the pub at the bottom of our road had opened, we were there like a shot, (no pun intended). So much for our conversation about not going back to pubs and sticking to our own little garden shed-bar. There is no way we are going to spend the rest of our lives in our back garden. We are well and truly 'out'!

And what joy it was. Our first foray was on Wednesday afternoon, the sun was shining so off we went. We were met by Lee, who pointed out the 'log in' poster at the entrance to the beer garden. Now, I know I've a soft spot for tall, dark, handsome young men, but putting that aside, he's a smashing bloke, who made us feel welcome the minute we set foot in the car park. It wasn't long before Lou came over for a chat and we were filled with the joy of conversation. Yes, conversation, not on the phone, not on a WatsApp video call, not, box to box Zoom, a real, live, person to person conversation that was more than a 'hello, how are you?' as you pass fellow walkers in the street.

So, cum Friday, and blessed with dry weather, I put on an extra layer (i.e. me vest) and a bit of lippy and headed off for the Cock Inn once more. This time with the intention of making our shedcast while taking in the reality of the new, Covid world. I can tell you, for me, it was quite an emotional hour. My memory went all to pot at the realisation that life has picked up a pace. 
Or was it the Prosecco? Whichever, I think more vitamin B12 is called for.

A big thanks to, Lou and Lee and Jen for being there, just as David and I were hitting the edge of the insanity of solitude. Enough said, here is the little Shedcast we  made while taking in the wonderful atmosphere of the Cock Inn, Birdwell:

And here is my painting of the week - Rave, following the first post Covid Rave which was held last week as an experiment to see if such a gathering is once again safe.

A bit of family history came our way last week. These wonderful photographs and newspaper report about the Shorrocks, David's mother's side of the family. David's granddad was, John (known as Jack) Shorrock. This is a very special picture, Granddad, Jack, is the man with his hat in his hand.

Our week would not be complete without a walk into the countryside. This is our, in search of bluebells jaunt in between the showers:

And, bringing a smile, The Fairy Grove, created to entertain I'm sure:

So, that's us for another week, I hope the weather picks up, but I suspect the outside table may have to be inside for the next few days. It's raining!

Bye for now, lovely people, keep safe and keep smiling!
Jane and David xx

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Poetry from the Shed - The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear

Hello Everyone,

Just for fun I thought I would record some of my favourite poetry. And where better to do that than in the shed. This one has stuck from childhood, it really is a fabulous poem.

Keep safe and keep smiling!
Jane x

Shedcast 17 30 04 2021 at 16 56

Hello Everyone,

We were back in the shed last night for our Shedcast and regular ring-round of our friends. We did intend tripping off into the countryside again, yesterday, but it was so cold we decided a short walk would be best and then our regular Friday night pint in The Art House. So, from the cosiness of our little shed, here is our Shedcast number 17:

Our week started well with a visitation from my sister Joanna, and hubby, David. It was Sunday and the sun shone. We sat in the garden with a glass of prosecco and soaked up the company. It was sooooooooo good to chat, and laugh, and catch up after a year of being apart due to the Covid Laws.

My lovely sister brought me chocolates and flowers and a load of other things, but best of all was the hug that we had both missed for so long. She also brought the good news that her eldest son, Ben, had got engaged at the weekend to Hayley. Congratulations you two!

There was no painting of the week this week, I was too busy writing, but I did tidy up the shed a bit. And speaking of writing, I enjoyed a zoom meeting with members of the Shortlands Poetry Circle, which is always inspiring.

World news is not good as far as the virus is going; India is in a state of emergency, hospitals are overwhelmed, there is a shortage of ventilators and oxygen, and aid is being sent from around the world. My heart goes out to those poor people. And it is not just India, parts of Africa have got it bad and South America. This thing is far from over.

There has been a lot of 'Boris Bashing' in the press, this week, all about who paid for his flat to be decorated - I ask you, do we really care right now when the world is in such a state? Surely there are more important matters to debate in Parliament.

On a brighter note, it's the first of May - hurray! Kalo Mina! to my Greek friends, and Kalo Paska! as this weekend is the Greek Easter. May your lamb be succulent and your spirits high!

And on that note I will wrap up for today and go and get some breakfast, have a good week ahead.

Keep safe, and keep smiling,
Jane and David xx

Tears From The Sun - The Story