Saturday, April 10, 2021

Shedcast 14 - Rest in Peace Prince Philip on 09 04 2021 at 16 29

Sad news! Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh died yesterday morning at the age of 99 years, may he rest in peace.

Meanwhile, life goes on for the living and the good news is that some of the Corona virus restrictions will end on Monday as the number of people infected continues to drop with deaths now down to below 20 per day. The Barnsley area is still one of the highest infected in the country together with surrounding northern areas. Pubs will be allowed to open on Monday, but only as outside venues, so those without a beer garden will be out of luck. Our beer garden is ready for the onslaught! 

So, here is last night's shedcast:

Poetry and Prosecco - The Zoom event organised by members of the Shortlands Poetry Circle was a lovely event and made for excellent Friday night entertainment. Not being able to get wifi to the shed, we converted a corner of our living room into a shed lookalike for 2 hours of poetry- it was fun!

This is my set which we recorded earlier in the shed:

For the first time in a long time we had visitors last week and we all sat in our garden in the freezing cold, in the hail and snow, in the perfect happiness and joy of being together. Thank goodness for fire pits!

And David and I went for a few walks during the week, at least we can do that:

So, it has been a good week for some, and a not so good week for others. I am looking forward to the week ahead, to more artwork and hopefully to a bit of cello practice, AND a bit warmer weather - please!

Have a good week, everyone, keep safe and keep smiling,
Love from Jane and David xx

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