Saturday, April 3, 2021

Shedcast 13 - Happy Easter on 02 04 2021 at 17 13

Happy Easter to all!

I wish you a pleasant weekend full of love and hope and lots of Easter Eggs. As you will see on the Shedcast, David and I have a bit of chocolate in the house for the weekend. The weather has turned chilly so we shall have to put on an extra layer when we walk out today. But hey, it's not mid-winter and the spring flowers are out, and the birds are singing. We shall enjoy the fresh air, and thank God for our health and the freedom to enjoy the countryside. 

The past few days have been lovely and warm and we were able to sit out in the garden and even have a chat to our neighbour, over the fence. Things are almost normal!

My artwork of the week - subject 'Birds' took a few days to complete and I have now started a big picture commissioned by my sister. The bird is a Bearded Vulture which lives on Crete and is an endangered species. The person is a Cretan poet, Kostis Moudatsos. As ever, I know there is room for improvement but I do so enjoy the challenge:
Endangered Species
And I know my friends will not mind me showing you their paintings because we all work so hard every week. I think this week's efforts were especially good:

So, the challenge of a new week is ahead. I know it is going to be a good week because we are going to have visitors on Tuesday. We will sit in the garden and share an hour or two, something that we have not been allowed to do for months. The restrictions are easing and we can now meet up to six people in an outside space. The number of people with the virus is now going down, millions have been vaccinated and slowly, slowly, the world is opening up in Britain. Unfortunately it is not such good news for many other parts of the world where lockdown rules apply. This virus is not going to go away, we know that, and we must all be vigilant for some time yet.

In the meantime, we shall do our best to enjoy life. It's another month and another book. I'm not sure what to read this month yet but last months book 'Daemons' by Anthony Peak was very interesting, though a bit tedious to get through, and in such small print that my eyes were certainly struggling.

So, keep safe everyone, and keep smiling. 
Bye for now,
Love from Jane and David xx

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