Saturday, March 20, 2021

Shedcast 11 on 19 03 2021 - And Message in a Bottle

Hello Everyone,

Spring is springing, there are daffs in the garden, buds on the tree, and a definite warming up of the air. So is it surprising that there is a modicum of optimism about. Certainly in our house, hope is is word of the week. So, looking forward to better times we move into the future with lots of plans to keep us going. I have paintings to complete, a song to finish writing (the music that is) and lots of baking to do because all our tins are empty. The better weather calls for longer walks in the countryside, and days in the garden, so all in all there are happy times ahead.
Here is last night's Shedcast, it's just a record of a moment in time really, but it gives us a bit of a purpose, and we have a laugh making it.

Painting of the week: Subject Abstract

Dancing Queens

The Green Godess

I received lovely flowers for Mother's Day:

And my video poem which I made for 'Message in a Bottle' Barnsley's Hear my Voice project, was very well received.

Let's all have a good Spring doing those things we love to do. Keep safe and keep smiling everyone.
Love and hugs,
Jane (and David) xx

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