Saturday, March 27, 2021

Shed Night12 - Greek Night on 26 03 2021 at 18 23

Hello Everyone,

Last night's Greek Night was fun but it was no substitute for the real thing. We played Greek music and ate Greek food, we even did a bit of dancing, but at the end of the day, we were at the bottom of our garden, not in a Cretan taverna. Well, we tried. Anyway here is the video:

We did keep ourselves busy during the week, David had an unexpected walk out to collect a new flushing mechanism for our toilet as I had been a bit heavy handed and broken the loo. Oh dear! Anyway he sorted it out. He also spent a day putting shelves up in his shed - yes, David has his own shed. Meanwhile I was painting or poet-ing.

This is my painting of the week - Subject, Dreams:

And here are some more photos of our Greek Night, a bit of a lonely affair!

And today we are a bit sluggish but the sun is shining and we had a good walk out this morning. The local riding school were out exercising their ponies, and up at Pilley, tea, coffee and pop were being served at the village hall, where people were sitting outside with their drinks even though it was quite cold. Had we taken any money with us we may have been tempted. The daffodils looked lovely on the banking as we went up the hill and it was a lovely walk.

Now I am going to do a bit of reading and enjoy what is left of the day. I hope you are all having a lovely day too, as ever, keep safe and keep smiling.

Love and hugs,
Jane (and David) xx

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