Saturday, February 27, 2021

Shedcast 8 on 26 02 2021 - Had The Jab!

Hello Everyone, 

I am writing this blog from the comfort of my bed, it is Saturday morning and I'm having a bit of a lie in. The sun is shining but the rooftops are wet and I can feel that dampness in my knees. I've had a bit of trouble this past week with painful knees put down to the weather because we do go out for a walk most days. Anyway, that's my excuse for not getting out of bed.
I can't believe we are nearly into March but here we are and still in lockdown. But things are looking up and the Covid-19 figures are going down. I went for my vaccine last Monday, an emotional, and painless experience at Sheffield Arena. Well take a look at the Shedcast for our update, and then see below my artwork of the week, and other pics.

Greek Mandinadas - Rhyming couplets of 15 syllables in each line, most often set to Greek music and performed on occassions such a fiestas, weddings and the like. 

Artwork of the Week - Transport
I chose the coal wagon as my 'transport' and carried on the theme of my 3 Men. This week I am going to practice my figure drawing again, so wish me luck!
3 Men in a Mine

Sheffield was eerily baron on Monday. We walked from the Arena to Meadowhall where we caught the bus home, and these are the pics:
no people...

no cars...

And this was the Arena where I had my Covid-19 vaccination.

Back home Spring has sprung in our garden and the birds are singing.

That's my cue to get out of bed and have a slice of toast, so I'll say bye for now. And if you have bad knees, like me, try rubbing in Volterol, it seems to work a treat. Have a good week, keep well and keep smiling.

Love from Jane and David xx

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