Friday, January 1, 2021

Shedmonay 31 12 2020 at 18 29

So now let's just get on with it and make 2021 the best year ever. It's up to us after all to choose to be happy and not grumpy, but sometimes 'grumpy' feels so good. The main thing is that we don't allow it to last very long. On that note I am beginning this 'New' year with special optimism. There is food in the larder, we have a lovely warm house, and our very special shed, plus family and friends whom we love and know love us. And the icing on the cake - the birds are singing in our garden!

Happy New Year to everyone! 

My art project this week is - The Year Ahead so that's a challenge to keep me occupied. Last week I produced a painting of our son, David Jnr, I am quite pleased with it, though I know it could do with more work, but I am learning all the time, and really enjoy splashing the paint about. 

Meanwhile, David is already on his third book since Christmas.

We shall be taking a breath of air today, before settling down to watch The Greatest Showman on TV.

Keep safe and keep smiling,
Love Jane and David xx

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