Saturday, January 16, 2021

Shedcast 2:21 15 01 2021 at 16 43 - SURVIVE!

Still Life and Draft Score 

Hello Everyone,

Well, it's been a very creative week what with painting, song writing, an afternoon poetry workshop on Zoom, a bit of reading, and, what seemed like, a lot of cooking, so today I am going to try to relax and hopefully play my cello.

The heavy snowfall we had a couple of days ago is still on the footpaths, but the road is clear. Today we have blue skies, so fingers crossed there will be no more snow. It is very cold outside, however the house is toasty warm.

I think the best news of the week is the vaccine roll out, already more than 3 million people have had the jab. David should get his in a couple of weeks. Of course the bad news is the terrible rise in deaths, last week saw over 1,000 people a day taken by this terrible virus, and word is that the next ten days will be even worse. So, the message is to stay at home unless you have to go to the supermarket, doctor's, or for exercise. Of course some people have to work, they can't all work from home, they are heroes, the NHS workers, the supermarket workers, dustbin people, delivery drivers, police men and women, teachers of Keyworkers' children, etc. May they all keep safe. 

So, with one eye on keeping alive, and the other on the developing events in America with the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden coming up next week, and the National Guard standing ready after Trump followers ran riot and stormed the Capitol building, it should prove to be an interesting week.

Here's our shedcast: 

Keep safe, and keep smiling!
Bye for now,
Jane and David xx

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