Saturday, January 9, 2021

Shedcast 1/21 08 01 2021 at 18 18

Hi Everyone!

A big HUG from us both. Well, it's been a week what with Covid-19 going off the scale, and Trump whipping up his mob to storm the Capitol Building in Washington, not to mention a few hold ups at Dover due to new Brexit paperwork. It's enough to drive you to drink. We were just on the verge of cancelling our monthly wine order when things began to look a bit grim again. 1,325 deaths in the UK during the last 24 hours, that's over a thousand a day for the past three days and the word is that it will get worse during the next two weeks. Heaven help the hospital staff.

Good news! The vaccine is being rolled out at a good pace and we should all look forward to better days come the summer. I say well done to Boris and his team, they have all had a lot of criticism but who knows who could have handled this crisis any better. At least the opposition have backed him up and put aside their Boris bashing on the point of a lockdown. 

Painting project of the week this week was 'The Year Ahead' here is my interpretation:

An imaginary highland scene

The Year Ahead - is it sucking us in, or spewing us out?

And this is us about to head out into the snow for our daily walk. 

So to our weekly Shedcast - it really is just our way of getting through the loneliness of lockdown,

We shall be back in the shed next week, God willing and a good supply of bevvy. Till then, keep safe and keep smiling.

Bye for now,
Jane and David xx

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