Saturday, December 19, 2020

Shedcast 9 on 18 12 2020 at 18 31

And so this is the run up to Christmas, no shopping for us, we are keeping well away from crowds and have ordered our supplies on line, now we can only hope that our turkey arrives and is not 'out of stock' or substituted for a packet of chicken thighs. 

The good news is that our new sofa is down for delivery on Monday - yeah! We shall be able to sit in comfort after our Christmas dinner, and for evermore should we so wish. 

I have spent much of this week in the kitchen in preparation for Christmas, and because it was our son's birthday on Wednesday, I made him a birthday cake. The freezer is now full of apple sauce, Yorkshire puddings, an emergency nut roast, cake, biscuits, pastry cases, pigs in blankets, etc. So I feel ready for feasting, even if there will be only the two of us. And we won't be holding back on the chocolates.

My art project this week was 'anything to do with a Christmas song' so I used Away in a Manger as my inspiration and this is what I produced:
Away in a Manger
Next week's project is to produce a Mandala, I'm looking forward to that one. I think we should have some sort of exhibition when it is safe to do so, or maybe put together a little publication to catalogue what we have done in this most unusual year.

Speaking of which, the second wave of this nasty virus seems to be swelling to tsunami proportions. A new strain is virulent in the south and spreading northwards, but apparently the vaccine will be able to deal with it. I suppose it will be well into the new year before I get a jab, David will be first in line as he is over 70. The over 80s are being vaccinated first, together with NHS staff, carers and the most vulnerable. It's a marvelous thing, and I only hope enough people put themselves forward for it, there seems to be a section of society who are not on the same wavelength. Wherever there is a crowd of people this virus spreads and wherever you look there is a crowd of people. I feel another lockdown will be imposed very soon.

Anyway, David and I shall restrict ourselves to our every other day walk, shopping on line, and video calls to the people we love. I must say, FaceBook is great for keeping in touch with friends.

We shall be in the shed again on Christmas Eve for our Christmas Party, so I look forward to sharing the fun with you by way of our next Shedcast. Meanwhile, keep safe and keep smiling!

Love and hugs,
Jane and David xx

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