Saturday, December 12, 2020

Shedcast 8 from the kitchen 12 12 2020 at 10 54

Well, this is a first, a Shedcast from the kitchen. We were in the shed last night, but briefly. And then... Surprise!... What a fantastic evening it was, a family gathering in the street, everyone at a distance, unusual but very much appreciated. The photo's tell it all, it was dark and a bit chilly, but the love warmed us up.

We were in the shed but then we got a phone call, and...

It was sheer joy...

Jo up from London

David brought us one of his mandalas for the Arthouse...

And Tracy brought us a lovely Christmas tree.

This week's art project was 'cats' so here are my 'cat' pictures, not too inspiring, I'm afraid this week. Next week's project is 'Anything related to a Christmas Song' the challenge is on.

And... into some weeks baking failures fall:
Failed ginger biscuits! I put the oven on but forgot to set the heat at 180. There you go.

What a strange week, but it ended so well. Hope you have had a good week. Join us next week when we shall be back in the shed barring more surprises.
Lots of love to everyone,
Jane and David xx

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