Saturday, December 5, 2020

Shedcast 7 04 12 2020 at 18 03

Hello Everyone from a very cold Birdwell. We had snow this morning but it didn't settle. It did put us off walking around the block, as we say, but no worries I'm sure we shall manage a walk out today.

I put my health issues to one side, and dowsed up on paracetamol I spent 3 days in the shed occupying myself with the production of the challenge of the week - a head and shoulders portrait. This is what emerged:

Our lovely daughter, Jo. It was not easy, I admit, but I really enjoyed trying to tease out a likeness. This week's challenge is 'Cats' so I'll have to get my thinking cap on. 

I am feeling much better and ready for a creative week. It's probably time to put the Christmas tree up too. David and I spent a couple of hours doing our Christmas shopping on line, yesterday, so we don't have to worry about that. I think it is time for a few carols on the cello - always a good way to spend a rainy afternoon on the run up to Christmas.

Unfortunately we have to pop in to Barnsley for blood tests on Tuesday, but once that's over we will be isolating all the way, and we won't be getting together with the family on Christmas Day, or any other day soon. We have come this far so a few more months until the vaccine has been widely taken up, won't hurt us. We are in tier 3 and that means 'keep away from as many people as you can'. 

So, on with the week. Keep busy and stay safe,
Love to you all,
Jane and David xx

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