Tuesday, April 7, 2020


When people pass by our front window, they are often tempted to look in, well that's what I thought they were doing, but I know think, because of the reflection, they are treating our front window as you would a shop window, to check on their own reflection. 

Anyway, that has nothing to do with why I have have put all my teddybears and friends in the window. They are there to bring a smile - and they have. The notices are cards sent to me by our neighbour's little girl (sweet) to say stay safe. 

From left to right: Barnsleyted, (he's the biggest bear I have, given to me by my granddaughter's quite a few years ago), Gatapus (the cat) came from Crete, he must wonder where he's landed, next is Luckyted, he's a little grey bear bought from a couple of kids who were having a garden sale to raise a bit of money. Squirrel is just poking out behind Luckyted, and next is Huggleted (he's the nursey bear that I hung on to when I was in hospital a couple of year's ago). Miss Prim with the pink ribbons was given to me by a good friend who knows I just love poodle type doggies. Behind Miss Prim, in the dark, is Dumbleted, the wizardywitch bear who enjoys halloween. Next to Miss Prim is Hector, he belongs to David really (I'm not the only crazy one in this house) and lastly Hazzo, who is a dumpling of a softy dog rescued from a cardboard box destined for the rubbish. Lastley, hanging in the centre of the window are miniature Pooh Bear and friends who were the delight of our grandson, Jack, and I couldn't possibly part with them.

The bears: Barnsleyted, Luckyted, Huggleted and Dumbleted have one other friend, Susan, she is the doll which was given to me when I was about seven years old, and who I have treasured all my life. Susan is a little reclusive and refused to sit in the window. 

Like I said, my window display has brought many a smile from passers by, and that is just what I wanted to  see, a smile on the faces of otherwise very serious people in the street. On that one trip out of the house for exercise or to walk to the shop, people can look at my bears and smile.

And look who passed by today, you see, bears attract bears. This bear and his partner were handing out sweeties on behalf of Chatterbox. They made me smile, what a lovely gesture, thanks you two.

I'm not really going mad in this lockdown, but I must say a few hidden eccentricities are surfacing. I have taken to walking to the bottom of the garden and back 50 times a day (just over half an hour) which in itself may look very odd to the neighbours, but I can assure you it is well worth the effort to help keep body and soul together, and I have started knitting fingerless gloves with the odds and sods of wool that were left over from past projects.

No matter how much I talk about teddybears, the real world is out there, and there is no escaping the reality of the moment. The news that the Prime Minister was taken into hospital on Sunday really upset me, and yesterday he was put into intensive care. News is that he is stable and not in need of a ventilator, so all we can do is send him good wishes for a speedy recovery, and of course, offer up a prayer to that end. Dear God give Boris Johnson the strength to fight this virus. And God, please help all those who are suffering, and all those who are working to help alleviate the suffering. 

The whole world is in a right pickle at the moment, please stay inside your home as much as you can, dear reader, and stay safe.

Love and hugs,
Jane x

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