Sunday, March 1, 2020


O Happy Week! Pancake day on Tuesday mid all the turmoil of decorating the front room. Nothing stops tradition! I do have a small video of me flipping a pancake, but unfortunately it's on David's phone and I haven't worked out how to get it on this blog. Maybe next time. Rest assured every one of my 8 pancakes was well and truly flipped.

And look who was in the shed this week. Yes, our Barnsley Bard, Mr Ian MacMillan as painted by me. We actually ran out of alcohol this Friday, so finished off the Christmas mulled wine and then abandoned the shed for warmer surroundings, i.e. our front room. Desperate measures!
And in the Art House this week, Ian MacMillan

English/Greek flags 

Art work - Empty Cans!

A hint of blue
 And after a week of painting and decorating we have our new look living room. 
Reading room

The Music Corner

David's Mum

New curtains

It's been a busy week but we are pleased with the result. I'm not a natural paper hanger, and I'm glad I wasn't doing the whole room with wallpaper, but it's a half decent job for a pensioner. David pasted and I applied, we're a good team. The bedroom next - but not tomorrow.

Well, the news is full of Corona Virus and how it is spreading across the world. It is a wee bit disconcerting, but what will be, will be, we can't stop living. We can however be vigilant and do all we can to prevent the spread - washing hands well after travelling on the buses etc. The TV reports from China and South Korea are distressing, and our Government is making plans in case there is an epidemic here in England. So far about 20 cases, but people are dying, mainly over 70 with health problems already. I'm thinking of starting a little food-bank in case I have to stay in the house for days on end. 

The good news! Boris, our Prime Minister is to be a father again. And he has popped the question so a wedding is on the cards. Always good for the press of the world.

Floods everywhere are causing havoc but according to the weather forecast, there are dryer days ahead, just cold. It's been the wettest February on record. There is a lot to be said for living on a hill.  Our garden is fairly sodden though.

I have entered my short story into the Barnsley Writers' competition. I honestly don't expect to win (call me negative) but it has been submitted.

We are to have another open mic in Elsecar, at the Milton pub, in May (details to follow). Something to look forward to.

It's St David's Day today, so I suppose if we were in Greece it would be David's name day. Do I make him a cake? I think I will.

So, that's my week, I think I'll have a cupa now before cleaning the bathroom (David has just been up there trimming his beard) - woman's work and all that.

I wish you a very good week ahead, keep healthy and happy. I'll be back next week with an update of my comparatively boring life. 

Love and Hugs,
Jane x

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