Monday, March 9, 2020


So, March 2nd had been in my diary for over a month. Not least because in was the 45th anniversary of losing my wonderful mum, but it was also the eagerly awaited date of our first ballroom dancing class, in Barnsley.

Thinking ourselves perky pensioners to be braving the evening air (freezing air), David and I caught the 7.30 p.m. bus, in chirpy mood, with feet ready to at least try to waltz us around the floor.

We walked from the bus station the twenty minutes distance to the hall where we had been told to congregate, thinking the exercise would do us good, as indeed it did. But alas, when we arrived there was no sign of a dancing class, or any other sort of class, and banquet tables were being set up in the hall. Our attempt to join an evening activity had fallen flat. We walked back into town and filled the half hour before our bus home, laughing over a glass of beer, at our disappointing evening. 

There has been no mention of trying again tonight, neither David nor I want a repeat performance of last Monday evening. And it's cold outside.

I spent the most of last week both reading and writing. Aunt Martha has reared her head again, this time in the form of a monologue. As to what I was reading, well Harry Potter, The Philosopher's Stone has been polished off, and a short novel by Muriel Spark, The Driving Seat - a very strange story about a murder. That's all I'm going to say, because I don't want to spoil the plot if you haven't read it. My only advice is, do not read the introduction first, because it gives away the plot - not good. I did enjoy the read though.

This week I have been taking a look at Characterisation, and how I can improve my technique in that direction. My next read is, The Uncanny, Sigmund Freud - just a bit of light reading (I doubt), but I am sure to learn something.

Our son arrived for a surprise visit, which was lovely, and we spent an evening of chat. I'm glad the weather was fine and not too windy, because he turned up on the scooter he has been doing up. I should have taken a photo when he arrived in the daylight, but the night-time picture gives him a certain nightriderness.

Oh, and here is the video of me tossing a pancake (I know, thrilling) I missed getting on last week.

Nightrider Sharp

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As for world news, it's all a bit grim at the moment with this Coronavirus spreading all over the place. People are stocking up on provisions and the supermarket's are running out of stuff like toilet rolls - though the shelves are being restocked pretty quickly. I did take the last tin of Morrisons Drinking chocolate, yesterday (yes blame me). The fear is a mass lockdown, which has to be considered as Lombardy in Italy has been completely locked down, as well as other parts of Italy.

The latest statistic for people with the virus in Britain, is 319, two reported in Barnsley. This is expected to rise drastically over the next week and the Government is expected to announce measures for enforced isolation of anybody who is showing the symptoms, which are fever, cough, respiratory problems. Yes, it is a bit worrying!

So, trying to think of something more cheery, the full moon tonight may herald a change and happy days ahead. The daffodils are out in our garden, together with a few snowdrops, and Spring is in the air.

Keep safe, keep washing your hands, and keep reading my blog for weekly updates. And if you want to stock up on reading matter, there is always Jane Sharp, Amazon. And now it's time for tea.

Love and hugs,
Jane x 

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