Monday, January 27, 2020

Northern Roots

Hello lovely people, this video was shot during the launch of 'Our North' a CD compiled of various Barnsley poets. Our next Barnsley Spoken Word Collective event will be held at the Old School House, Barnsley (Used to be the Polish Club) on Sunday, February 16th at 4.30 p.m. It is a Valentine Special. Come along and have a laugh!

I'm not quite in my normal routine yet and it is almost the end of January, but I am getting into a certain rhythm. Pilley Hill three times a week, back to healthy living, and looking forward to Ballroom Dancing Classes in Barnsley. I'm going to attend a Creative Writing workshop and I am hitting my reading targets. So all in my world is well, if indeed all is not well in the world at large. 

I am aware of the Coronavirus that is sweeping China, but I'm not worried about it, and hopefully it will be contained. 

Brexit means Brexit! 31st January. Are you celebrating? It's a bone of contention. The way I look at it is let's just hit the future with as much zeal as we can muster. Whether you are a Brexiteer or not, we are where we are, and we should all pull in the same direction for great things to happen. Personally I have no time for negative thoughts or actions that only cause misery. So let's all be positive and party our way into a productive, pioneering, and perspicacious future.

And, by the way, a fifty pence piece is a fifty pence piece, and if it's in my pocket it will be very much appreciated cum Shed night when I want a can of cider.

Love and hugs,
Jane x

You might like to take a look for yourself.

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