Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Midweek Treat in Barnsley

There were one or two things we needed to get from Barnsley, so mid morning, we caught the 66 bus into town. First, Morrisons for a few odds and sods, then on to Wilko's, where we priced up some paint (it's that Spring decorating time), and then through the Alhambra shopping centre into the open air of Barnsley High Street. As we approached Boots the Chemist we could hear the music of a young lad busking in the street. I don't know who he is but he is very good, and he really adds to the enjoyment of High Street shopping. There were several market-trader stalls in the middle of town, but our next destination was the new Market Hall eating centre on the second floor of the inside market.

We were so surprised to find such a pleasant space, so well lit that it is an 'almost outside', inside experience. The wall of windows gives a view over the town, while modern seating and tables give comfort and practicality. After a walk round the many different food outlets ranging from coffee shops to a bar, and buns to burgers, we settled on a vegetarian pizza, freshly made to order and absolutely delicious. Of course we sat near to the bar and completed our midweek treat with a glass of cider (for me) and a guinness (for David). Pop music blurted out getting our toes tapping, and the area was filled with midday chatter. Next time, (for we shall certainly go again), we may try a taste of the Middle East, which is very tempting, and if we were not vegetarian (most of the time) we would certainly be up for the Shredded Duck and Chips. 

Barnsley Market Hall Pizza Place


A midday tipple in Barnsley Market

Barnsley Market Foody Place

So, recommendations all ways round, and I can't wait for another Barnsley treat day.

And now it's Shed Night eve and I'm planning a bit of a party for Brexit night, well, any excuse! Personally, I think we live in exciting times. We are on the very edge of a new IT future, electric cars, climate change technologies, medical breakthroughs, and much, much more that I can only dream about. So, if nothing else, let's celebrate all of that.

See you on the other side, as they say, oh, and it's going to be relatively warm for the next few days, so it might mean I don't need my furry hat in the shed.

Lots of love and hugs, bye for now,
Jane x

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