Monday, December 9, 2019

It's All About the Tree

Hello Dear Readers, Yes, this week it's all about the tree. Barnsley streets are coming alive with lights in windows, lights in the gardens and lights on rooftops. Christmas trees are beginning to appear in pubs, in parks, in practically every corner of every village and town. Yes, 'tis the season to be jolly, and today my tree came out of the loft, and is now twinkling brightly in my little living room.
Ah, the magic of elves!
Putting the tree up was an excellent thing to do today cos I had a bit of a boozy head. Why? Because last night I was at the Maison Du Biere in Elsecar where The Barnsley Spoken Voices collective gathered together to perform their latest poems and stories. It was a raucous evening and I was on the bubbly stuff. Well, a good night was had by all, despite the mince pies not materialising as planned. 
I dressed for the occasion in Christmas leggings, boots and my favourite purple tutu, and had a great time chatting to people I only get chance to chat to now and then. We should definitely have more of these gatherings.

One of the people I got into conversation with last night was Granville Danny Clarke (look him up here) he's very entertaining, as were all the performing poets. I did take some pics of the poets, but honestly they're not very good, I really must get a new phone, the camera on this one is rubbish. But the selfies came out ok.
Granville D Clarke et moi!

Tina et moi!

A flavour of the venue

Anyway the bubbly was nice and cold and dropped down very well. Dave and I popped into the Milton pub at the end 'cos we found we had half an hour to wait for the bus, so by the time we got home we were quite squiffy and felt very festive. So it begins!

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In fact it began on Wednesday when David and I had a little trip out to see friends and family. While I had a reunion lunch with old school friends, Dave popped to see his sister. Later in the afternoon I joined them. It was a very special day; a little train trip, and chance to say hello to people we hadn't seen for at least a year.
Dave, Sister Nan and moi
Kathleen Elsie and Elizabeth, all friends from school and beyond. Our annual reunion is something I always look forward to.
Kathleen, Elsie and moi


 So, that was my week, not too action packed, but certainly jolly. I hope your festive time is kicking off in the same vein.

Of course, politics is taking centre stage. Will it be Boris? Or will it be Jeremy? We shall all know by Friday. Will it all be over by Christmas? I think not. Whatever, I shall go and cast my vote on Thursday like the dutiful citizen that I am.

Here's my political poem:

I’m an Angel

Good News! I bring Good News! It’s what I do,
Fear not! The words I bring are just for you.

So harken up! Tonight is born a king,
Good News! Almighty God is stepping in!

Rejoice! I say, rejoice! Be of good cheer!
I bring Good News! Rejoice! Eat pies! Drink Beer!,

Make love! Let all the bells of Barnsley ring!
A declaration of great joy I bring!

Henceforth the powers that be will see the light,
And put an end to all this Brexit shite!

Talk again soon, it's time for tea, gotta go. Byeee!
Love and Hugs

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