Monday, November 4, 2019

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Spoken Word

Hello everybody, yes, the hills have certainly been alive with the sound of spoken voice this week. In preparation for last night's Barnsley Spoken Voices, Our North, CD launch, David and I took to the countryside and strode out while the weather was so good. Of course there was a bit of a rehearsal while we slogged up the hill to Pilley, if you can breathe whilst hot footing it up Pilley Hill, then there's not a lot wrong with you.

My week was spent in a panic of poems, with a little bit of cello practice thrown in. There was a very pleasant interlude on Thursday, Halloween, when a gruesomeness of grommet sized ghosts and ghouls came knocking at our door offering 'Trick or Treat.' Well, I didn't want a trick so I had my bowl of sweeties at the ready and a bit of change to throw into their buckets. Bless!

On Friday morning David and I went into town to do a bit of shopping, it was really busy. I think people were celebrating the Not Brexit day. It was good to see the town so swift. I went off to do my little volunteer bit for the afternoon, and David took the shopping home. When I got back the shed was all lit up with fairy lights, the electric fire warming the space, and the bottle of wine opened. We had a lovely 'shed date' complete with music. I love our shed.

Of course we watched the rugby world cup final on Saturday morning. What a shame our lads couldn't work their magic just one more time, but South Africa played so well, they did deserve to win.

And that brings me to yesterday, and a lovely Sunday. A family Sunday lunch with our son and his partner set us in a great mood for the evening's entertainment. It was the launch of the 'Our North' CD, at the Rockingham Centre in Hoyland. It's a venue we've never been to before, and we were pleasantly surprised when we found a bar (always a good start).

I was excited to be filmed by the Civic team for a little YouTube video (watch this space next month) and after that I could relax a bit and enjoy the event. There is such talent out there. The evening was organised by Jeff Platts, and Lee Pollard was on form, as was Billy Bywater, Neil Roystone, Stan Duncan, Jo Brooks, Tedge, Gladys Wainwright, Mick Hawkins, Nigel Downing, and Mark Jackson, (if I've missed anybody I am sorry).

And the evening was made all the better by a vegan buffet of Barnsley portions - the best curry I've had in a long time. Thank you Mick and your lovely lady, Laura, for providing such wonderful nosh.

So it's back to the diet today, sort of.

Here's a few pics of last night:

Jeff and Jane
The Crowd Gathers

Get the beer in Billy!

The CD is selling well

And guess who's books are on show.

Preparing the Order of Service

Stan Duncan and Co

Wayne and Jason the Civic Organizers

Another photo opportunity

poet Nigel Downing

Poet Gladys and Dave

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 They're not the best pics, but it gives you a flavour of the evening.

This week is shaping up and looking quite exciting, so check me out next week to find out what I've been up to.

Have a great week folks, lots of love and hugs,
Jane x

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