Monday, November 25, 2019

Strictly Cum Dancing al la Jane

Hello my lovely readers,

I know there is more than one of you out there, and whilst you are unknown to me I do feel the connection. So, here is an update of the past seven days in the life of 'moi'.

And in reverse order:

Yesterday, Sunday, we were at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool - strictly cum dancing al la Jane and David -  with photos to prove it - 

Oh dear, bad arm position loses points.

See how it should be done?

Strictly cum Dancing flounce and sparkle.

And the wonderful Maggie who served our afternoon tea with a smile.

The Famous Worlitzer Organ
I can thoroughly recommend an afternoon of ballroom dancing to loosen up those limbs. The ballroom is very grand, and the organ music was loud and rhythmical. We waltzed our way around the floor, joined in with the barn dance (an old favourite), and watched on as the more professional dancers showed off their skills. 

Served afternoon tea by, the always happy and smiling, Maggie, we enjoyed tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes. And I have to say the tea-pot was the first I've been served tea in with a non-drip spout - the perfect pot - no dribbles on the table.

We had hired a car for the weekend so that we could travel over to Blackpool to meet up with my sister and family. It's a year since we got together, so the day was very special.
Alas No Lights on the Tower 

My Talented Nephew, Ben Who is a Professional Musician

Professional Musician, Ben.

Ben plays with the famous Jukebox Band  Check them out.

We got home late last night and the car went back this morning. It was a bit of a cinderella moment, you know, when the carriage reverts to a pumpkin, but at least we whooped it up for a couple of days.
How Big?
And we made good use of the car on Saturday, too. First we went to the supermarket -  it was such a treat not to have to carry all the shopping on the bus -  and then we drove over to Hoyland in the evening to see another performance of our friend's comedy hour. It was held at the Knave and Kestral, a new one on us, and a little pub we hope to return to. If you ever get the chance to go to Lee Pollard's one hour, one man show, go! He's brilliant!

So, still working backwards, Friday night was Shed Night - it's becoming a habit - and David had made sure it was warm and twinkling with fairy lights by the time I got back from work. And the cider went down like liquid gold. He'd peeled the veggies too, so while they were roasting we set the world to rights in our little shed at the bottom of the garden.

The Art House Micro Bar

Thursday was a lovely uplifting day, one of those bright, windless days when to stay inside would have been a sin. Out came the boots and off we set into the countryside. Our route took us up Pilley Hill - the first challenge - then on towards Tankersley and back over the motorway into Birdwell. It was a short, sharp hike to prove we could still move our legs. No real problem there. We completed the round in 45 minutes. Then Dave worked in the garden, and I did a bit of painting in the Art House.

Over the Motorway

Over the M1 towards Pilley

Change Down a Gear Here

Add caption

Past the Stream

Too Cold for These Two

Well Coated 

Plenty of Fodder

Just a Bit Faster by Bike

 We were almost home when we reached the monument - a strange obelisk to have in Birdwell, but it was erected as part of the Wentworth Castle estate.
Birdwell Obelisk

 And finally back to Birdwell Post Office and a short stride away from our front door. 
Back to Birdwell

Barnsley's New Library

View From The Library

Look! Just Touch!
That brings me to the beginning of the week, Monday, and a trip to Barnsley's new, all singing, all dancing library. Last week I promised to let you know how it worked. Well, I can now tell you that it I know how it works, and I can inform you that it works splendidly. There may not appear to be many books on the ground floor, but the two floors above are crammed packed with a plethora of titles, reference books, novels, history, maps, big print, etc. And, there are computer terminals for all to use, free photocopying, plenty of comfy chairs and tables, all in bright, warm and airy surroundings, with views over the town and beyond. Not only that, but on the top floor there are conference spaces, and a splendid outside viewing area. So, no more being negative about our new library - it's great!

That was the week that was folks! A bit busier than normal, and a bit more expensive, but what the hell, we like eating beans.

I'll be back next week with more news from the strictly cum dancing pensioners from Barnsley. And now for tea and an hour of War of the Worlds on catchup TV. Anything but politics, which is all getting a bit silly, with all parties trying to offer a never ending spend of things we all want but know we're not going to get. And the Prince Andrew saga rolls on - the Queen has told him off for keeping bad company, and hurt his pocket, but I doubt he'll stop eating caviar.

'What's that, David?'
'Get the beans on.'

Right! Must go then. I'll talk to you all next week. From a dark and drizzly Birdwell, bye bye for now. 

Lots of love and hugs,
Jane x

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