Monday, October 21, 2019

Open Mic in Doncaster

Hello readers, what a weekend it's been. First I broke the toilet, yes, I flushed the loo and my fingers pushed the chrome button straight through into the cistern. Lovely Ben, the plumber was soon on the job, and hot footed it to get a new part, but it turns out the loo is so old that parts are obsolete and we have to have a new toilet. Hopefully that will come today. Meanwhile we have to dip our hands into the cistern and cause the flush to flush. Do new toilets come with a new seat? I might have to go out and buy one. Anyway moving swiftly on.

We had a trip to Doncaster on Saturday, to do the poetry thing with Ray Hearne and company, in the market square. There was a small audience, but the event was fun and I got to meet some new Yorkshire poets. One lady came up to David and asked if we were bible pushers, when he told her we were poets he said she looked equally horrified - there you go!

We looked around Doncaster after that and went for a spot of lunch at The Black Bull. The place was heaving and obviously very popular, but the food wasn't anything special. Then we had to wait ages for a bus home because of delays due to roadworks. It took over an hour to get back to Barnsley, then we had to wait for a 66 bus home, so it took the edge off the day. It seemed a long way to go, but worth it to meet up with those lovely poets, and listen to their well crafted words.

Barnsley Spoken Words

This is the lovely Jeff Jethro Platts introducing what turned out to be a great afternoon/evening of Barnsley spoken word. He also gave me a great plug, and enabled me to sell all the copies of Higgs Bottom that I'd stuffed into my bag in the hopes of maybe selling at least one. Thank you Jeff!

It might seem silly, and I suppose it is a bit, but Dave and I spent our Friday early doors, in The Art House, which is my shed at the bottom of the garden. We have put a heater in there, some fairy lights, and best of all a little bar. So we tried it out for size and spent a good couple of hours laughing and joking, and looking out over our lawn and the backs of Chapel Street. Then we went into the house and cooked up the £12 meal deal that I had bought in Marks and Spencer in Barnsley - mushroom stroganoff with cauliflower rice and oven chips. It was delicious!

So now I have one week left to put the final touches to my programme for next Sunday's book launch at the Tap and Brew in Hoyland, kick off 4pm. Copies of my book have arrived, I have ordered a few nibbles, and the mic has been arranged. Good! Now all I have to do is clean the house ready for our visitors coming to stay overnight, and hope the toilet will be up and flushing by the weekend.

Remember, as well as my whacky words there will be an OPEN MIC session so do come along and enjoy the fun.

And next week, on the 3rd November, there is another opportunity to hear some Barnsley voices at the launch of the Our North CD which is to take place at the Rockingham Centre, Hoyland on Sunday, 3 November.

And, here is one to put in your diary, Barnsley Spoken Word Open Mic at the Maison du Bierre in Elsecar on Sunday, 8 December, 4pm.

There's lot to look forward to on the poetry/spoken word scene. My Scary Woman - A poet in Barnsley is now live and available from Amazon, and I have copies on the way ready for you to snap up as a treat or as a unique Christmas Present. 

I'll report back after the launch next Sunday (probably a Monday blog) meanwhile, have a lovely-chumbly week. Bye for now,

Love and hugs,
Jane x

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