Sunday, October 6, 2019

Don't Tell Me I'm Too Old to Vote

Hello dear reader, let me start by thanking you for following my blog, the stats are increasing and I know I have some lovely blogfans out there. That is so reassuring because I do spend many hours alone, either in my shed, writing, or playing the cello. Of course that is the path I have chosen and I wouldn't have it any other way, and when I do get to be in company I really enjoy that, too. So, thanks for joining me now and then. 

This week has been particularly quiet because David has been away visiting our daughter. I met him in Sheffield, at Meadowhall, when he arrived back on the Megabus, yesterday morning. He looked like he's been to Katmandu, rucksack and all, but the only souvenir of his trip was his bedsheets which he'd stuffed in the rucksack ready to go into the washing machine. He did take me to 5 Guys for lunch though, where we shared a burger and chips, and while it was a good burger, I thought it overpriced at nearly £11 for a burger, chips and a large paper cup of coke.

Now, the big news is that I have a date for my book launch, Sunday 27 October. It is to be at the Tap and Brew in Hoyland, at 4p.m. David and I have been designing a poster all morning, and this is what we have come up with:

So, pop it in your diary if you are going to be anywhere near the Tap & Brew in Hoyland on Sunday 27 October. The Tap & Brew is a great little pub, with a good selection of real ales, and a fantastic selection of gin drinks.

I'll be reading a short excerpt from Higgs Bottom, and introducing you to Sharpan the Rawskin, Reusable condoms, and a couple of unusual sonnets. It's all clean stuff though!

I'm looking forward to going to see my mate, Lee Pollard on Thursday, 10 Oct, when he has a one-man show in Barnsley. I shall make a full report next week.

And I've also got a slot in Elsecar, next Saturday, 12 Oct,  at the Heritage Centre, somewhere between 11a.m. and 4p.m. That should be a fun event with Ray Hearne leading the show.

What other news? Well, Ihave new boots:

They are very lovely, and keep me steady on my feet. Keeping up the image of Whacky Lady!

And I have kept away from the baking thing since my last disaster, eating bananas, and other such ready delights.

Here is a poem I wrote this week:

Don’t Tell Me I’m Too Old To Vote

Don’t tell me I can’t eat jelly for breakfast,
Don’t tell me what to wear, don’t tell me I’m past
My sell by date and Brexit’s not my affair,
Don’t tell me my brain is spongyfying at a rate of knots,
It’s not, it’s not, and if it is so what?
I’m a person of the planet; I’m not a microchip,
I’ve worked, I’ve procreated; I think I’ve done my bit,
And while there’s breath inside me I’m still a part of it,
So don’t tell me I’m too old to vote, I’m not the walking dead,
I can reason, I’m still in the boat, and you know what Doris said:
Don’t underestimate the silver haired, the ankle biting short,
They can rise to hold positions such as: Judge, Supreme High Court.
So don’t tell me I’m too daft to weigh up all the facts,
I can make a sound decision about parliamentary Acts,
Don’t take away my freedom; don’t take away my pride
Don’t tell me I’m too old when the fact is I’ve survived
Because I’m bloody canny, and I’ve worked to stay alive,
I’ve dodged the bullets, stood my ground, kept faith; I’ve ducked and dived
And I’m not beyond enjoying this extraordinary ride.
Don’t say the old are a burden on today’s society,
You wouldn’t be so scathing of a gnarled and knobbly tree,
You’d say, look how magnificent those ancient branches are.
And you’d prop it up, and hug it, feed it tree-food caviar:
You’d say, there’s wisdom in that tree, think what it must have seen,
You’d respect its age, look after it, sweep away its falling leaves,
You’d make sure as it got older it was safe from harm,
Not look on it as a fruitless has-been, scored and scarred,
Don’t tell me you’re unhappy with the way I rock and roll,

Stick this inside your ballot box - I’m not too bloody old!

So there you have it, another week goes by in the life of Jane Sharp. I hope you will join me next week to see what I've been up to. Oh, I nearly forgot, here is a short excerpt from Higgs Bottom to wet your appetite:

Have a fun week dear reader, love you lots, bye for now,
Jane x

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