Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Poet Without a Voice

Well, this is not good. I'm about to set off for Nottingham for a choral weekend, maybe even a spot of poetry entertainment, and I've LOST MY VOICE. AGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!

How did this happen. I blame travelling on the buses with all those coughs and sneezes. Then again, it could be due to the Rock of Ages rock concert that I went to in Barnsley last weekend. Yes, I did do a bit of Tina Turner, Queen, Meatloaf, and it was the latest I've been out of bed since New Year's Eve, so maybe there is no wonder that the old vocal chords reacted.

The quote of the day from Hubby is, 'There will always be a bar.' And I have no doubt I will find one in sunny Nottingham. Any other time it wouldn't have bothered me to be quiet for a few days, but this fat lady ain't gonna be doing any singing, not today anyway. Let's hope the elixir kicks in by tomorrow night.

Of course I've been up to lots and lots since I last blogged. (Sorry for the big gap in keeping you up to date). We had lots of fun at Easter when we went to the Jousting Tournament in Leeds, and the weather was so good too. We had a look around the Armoury, had a pint by the canal, and thoroughly enjoyed watching men trying to knock each other of a horse.

It was fun! My knight in shining armour.
Always holding my tummy in.

It was very pleasant down by the canal.

Then we had a trip to Rotherham, and that was a lovely day too. Rotherham is really underrated. The minster is well worth a visit, and the whole town has a very medieval feel to it. We did find a little wine bar.

So, have to finish here because it's almost time for me to catch the bus to Sheffield for my little jolly with the Middlesbrough choir. I will be back soon to report on whether I find my voice. Meanwhile have a great bank holiday weekend, even though it's a bit chilly (I've got me vest on). As always lots of love and hugs.

Jane x

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