Saturday, December 10, 2016

From Birdwell to Vrahassi - Adventure 2016

From Birdwell to Vrahassi - 'The Mission' to bring back my lovely Yamaha Piano.

The account of our trip to Crete, is best shown in photographs. We certainly covered some miles, but our old car was a superhero. We named her Matilda, and she performed regally. The main object of our trip, was to retrieve personal possessions from our house in Crete, load them into Matilda, and transport them safely back to the Birdwell. We also wanted to make sure the house was still saleable, i.e. waterproof, and sound, and, of course, we had to pay our taxes.  And so it was, on a sunny morning in October, we set off on our long journey south.

Our itinerary was to travel south to Dover, take the ferry to Calais, travel through France down to Reims, then on to Lyon, through the Frejus Tunnel to Italy, on through Italy toward Bologna and finally Ancona. From Ancona take the Minoan Lines ferry to Patras (mainland Greece) drive to Athens, and take the ferry from Piraeus to Crete. It all went like a dream. There was no sight seeing, no stopping for meals (we had a supply of food in the car) and we stayed in budget hotels on the way.

To cut a very long story short - the mission was a complete success, we returned home with a carload of stuff, including two big cans of olive oil, and the piano.

About to leave Birdwell Oct 21 2016
Goodbye England, France here we come
On the road through France, and Italy, motorway all the way
Travelling East - Ancona to Patras

The last leg - Piraeus (Athens) to Crete
And on the seventh day we came to rest in Vrahassi
And rest we did, in the house that David built

 We found the house just as we left it, except for a year's accumulation of dust. That was very soon swept away. We cleaned the place through and tried to have a little holiday. Once we had got all the official business out of the way we enjoyed a few walks in the olive groves. Vrahassi had not changed one bit.

Vrahassi had not changed one bit
 The Frejus Tunnel was not as scary as I remembered it from our last trip 15 years ago. It was very expensive to go through, however, about £40
Through the Frejus Tunnel from Italy to France

 The journey back was not quite as enjoyable as the journey there, as I was taken quite ill, by the time I got home I had lost almost a stone in weight, and was not myself at all. But that is all in the past, and now I am feeling much better. So, it is onwards and upwards.

A pit stop in the French Alps

And 'hey presto' we are back in Birdwell

So, there you have it, our adventure 2016. I'm not in a hurry to repeat the journey, but give me a few months and we might be off again. Both our children gave me a lecture on not taking on such a long trip in the future, but I can't see me sitting in the house with my knitting for too long. Once this jumper is finished we might just be dreaming up a 2017 adventure.

And now to write a bit of poetry, I haven't done that for weeks, but methinks the muse has settled upon me. Watch this space.

Bye for now dear reader, enjoy your Christmas shopping, the bright lights are dazzling in Barnsley!

Jane x

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