Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sharp Art

I might have been quiet over the past weeks, but I have not been idle. I've taken to painting, and set up a studio in my kitchen. It has good south facing light, and a good work surface. The table is covered in paints, brushes, jam jars, masking tape, pens, pencils, PVA, Polyfiller and the odd tube of glitter. And tomorrow is my first public airing of some of my work. I am going to the Cock Inn Music cum Beer Festival, Birdwell, where I have a stall for the day.

David has made me a stand to hang a few painting on, and we are hoping for a jolly day. Please let the rain pass over during the night!

Here is a taster of my work, It's a bit crazy, but it's mine.

 Top left is my portrait of Ian McMillan (Poet),  the pink squiggly one is called 'Ejaculation', I really enjoyed making the collage one using an old music score and one of my poems, and of course the little pug picture.
Pugsie Alone!
 He is so cute!
And this is my interpretation of an olive grove.

So, fingers crossed for a lovely fine afternoon and plenty of laughs. Birdwell is going to be buzzing with tweets I'm sure, especially when people see the painting of Barnsley FC supporter's crowd, complete with ferret. I'm really quite excited. I will let you know how things go, of course.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday, wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing. Talk again soon.

Love Jane xx

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