Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Yes, I am the one with the feather duster, I'm keeping it clean, as they say. We're a motley crew, but I'm sure we will make you laugh. Set in a French brothel during WW2, the plot involves, German Officers, escaping Englishmen, and a cow. Spot the cow, it is in fact hovering above my head in the above photo, that is it's open mouth, imagination needed.

I have been busy learning my lines, so not had time for any big walks lately. I am sure that will be rectified soon. I have had a trip to London, and even a day out in Scarborough, so have not been idle. I had never been to Scarborough and was surprised to see that there was a castle there. It is a very impressive site, well worth a visit.

I have also joined the Poetry Society Stanza group at Sheffield which meets every 3rd Monday in the month. It has only just been formed so is feeling its way as to a programme for each month. This month we all read one of our own poems to introduce ourselves. I'm not sure humorous poems would go down too well, we'll see.

I am to be part of the Sheffield Poet-a-Thon on the 2nd April, where I will read for 8 minutes. I think my slot is about 12.15pm. It is to be held at the new Arts Centre in the middle of Sheffield. About 50 poets are reading in a day long event which has been organised to raise money for the refugees. Please donate if you can: Jane Sharp Poet Click the link to go to my Just Giving page.

My dear hubby, David, has been busy in the garden. He has planted several strawberry plants, and prepared beds ready for summer plants that are, at the moment, germinating on our kitchen window ledges. The daffodil bulbs he planted just after Christmas have sent up a lovely display of yellow trumpets, or misshapen smilies, as I like to think they are.

As I write this blog the news is full of the bombing in Brussels that killed about 30 people, yesterday. It was a terrorist attack, suicide bombers at the airport, and also on the underground railway. Earlier this week there was an attack in Turkey, and there have been others. Now the whole of Europe is on high alert. I say my prayers every night for a peaceful world, knowing that a solution to all this violence will not come overnight.

On a brighter note, the Queen is coming up to her 90th birthday, and I am looking forward to some wonderful celebrations. So, April 21st is a date in my diary.

Before that, of course, it is Easter. This coming weekend, in fact. So, I wish you all a very Happy Easter break, whatever your religion. And if you don't believe in God, then enjoy the holiday and lots of chocolate. And above all, spread the love.

Jane x

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