Monday, February 15, 2016


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!   I knew the minute I saw him...

Yes, the sun was streaming in through the bedroom curtains, porridge was in the pan before I had time to think smoothy, toast, or anything otherwise, and that happy Valentine's greeting of 'do you want me to clean your boots,' melodiously fell on my waking ears. And when I got downstairs, there he was in his walking regalia, rucksack at the ready.

Valentine's Day - a walk in the countryside, who could ask for anything more. Then when we stopped for a cuppa and a bacon butty, it was, have you got a tenner love? I ask you, where's the romance in that. But, just as I had resigned myself to that, ah, bless, I know he loves me without red roses, excuse that more women than me have told themselves, the situation was in sight of redemption.

We had reached Elsecar, and the Antiques Fair. This is it, I thought, this is where he says, if you see a little something you like I'll treat you. Not! But I did end up buying a tin mop bucket as a prop for the play I'm in at the Acadamy Theatre in April. And, he did carry it all the way home, which was sort of gallant, if you know what I mean. Not quite a Knight in armour, but close.
Such is love!

Other news - I had a little trip out with my drama group friends on Thursday evening. We went in a minibus, to the theatre in Cleethorpes, where Up The Resistance was on. Now, as this is the play which we are rehearsing for at the moment, it was fun to see what the other am dram group made of it. So, it was a bit of a spying mission, but fun all the way. They were really good, so I think we shall have to up our game. I've never been to Cleethorpes before, but in the dark we could have been anywhere. I couldn't see the sea. On the run in we did pass a huge industrial site, all lit up for miles, but it wasn't exactly illuminations.

I've prepared my A Poet in Crete for Kindle this week, too. It will be available any day now.

My lovely man.

Well, I do hope your Valentine's Day was as wonderful as mine. (Or even better). Talk again soon.

Love and hugs,
Jane x

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