Sunday, August 9, 2015

Locke Park Gala - Barnsley

What a splendid Sunday!  A fine collection of vintage cars.
An A30 - our first car in 1967

We were so pleased that we made the effort to find Locke Park in Barnsley, today.

 And there were lots more beautiful old motors. The event was free. There were live singers in the bandstand, a doggy show, lots of charity stalls, a fair ground with roundabouts, and great burgers for lunch.  

Morris Minor - they don't make engines like this anymore

Morris Minor Countryman

 I'm not sure what these motors are, but they were all very shiny.
3 Wheeler

Lambretta 150 just like David had in 1965

David in his element! Old cars!
 We walked all around the park then caught the bus home. 

Hope your day has been as good as ours. Love Jane x

The only bad comment I have to make is that the toilets in the park were disgustingly dirty.
The Band Stand

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