Friday, March 13, 2015

The Lost Soup, er!

Oh, silly, silly, me! I pressed the wrong button on my nw blender, and the bottom fell out of my jug. There is sloppy, green, soup all over the place. I'll not do that again!

On a brighter note, the cup cakes I made were a hit, and they have all gone.

Yesterday I did a tour of second hand furniture shops around Barnsley, with my daughter-in-law, Tracy. I found a bedding box at one, and a wardrobe at another. Both look like new, for half the price. David says the bedroom looks like a hotel, I think that's a compliment.

But it's doesn't look like this...

The Royal Suite - Imperial Hotel, Vienna.

Better look next time - and press the right button!
Ane now to sleep in my lovely new memory foam bed, perchance to dream of luxury hotels, and a top chef to make my soup. Have a good weekend dear reader.

Love Jane x

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