Friday, March 13, 2015

The Lost Soup, er!

Oh, silly, silly, me! I pressed the wrong button on my nw blender, and the bottom fell out of my jug. There is sloppy, green, soup all over the place. I'll not do that again!

On a brighter note, the cup cakes I made were a hit, and they have all gone.

Yesterday I did a tour of second hand furniture shops around Barnsley, with my daughter-in-law, Tracy. I found a bedding box at one, and a wardrobe at another. Both look like new, for half the price. David says the bedroom looks like a hotel, I think that's a compliment.

But it's doesn't look like this...

The Royal Suite - Imperial Hotel, Vienna.

Better look next time - and press the right button!
Ane now to sleep in my lovely new memory foam bed, perchance to dream of luxury hotels, and a top chef to make my soup. Have a good weekend dear reader.

Love Jane x

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Domestic Bliss!

Check it out! Sunday morning, David in the garden, and my cup cakes all ready for a family visit this afternoon.

 Alan Titchmarsh we need you!

Have a happy Sunday dear reader. Love Jane x

Friday, March 6, 2015

The South Yorkshire Adventure Begins

Homing is the inherent ability of an animal to navigate towards an original location through unfamiliar areas.

My mother was born at Monk Bretton near Barnsley, my father was born in Rotherham. I have certainly navigated through unfamiliar areas on my journey back to the gene pool, almost 20 years in Greece, and 3 years in London. 

Birdwell, there isn't much to it, a couple of pubs, a post office, hairdressers, a village school and a little Methodist Chapel, oh, and a Pharmacy and doctors surgery. What more does one need? Well, whatever more there is, can be found within a bus ride. (And I think there is a Chinese take-away, a little village shop and a classic car restoration garage).

This is our new home, and we love it.

 We decided to come to live in Yorkshire when it was quite obvious that the small pension we get was not going to be enough to sustain us in Bromley, where the rent on our one bedroom flat was just too much for our purse to stand.

Now we have a two bedroom little house, with a south facing garden big enough for a decent size man-shed. How good is that. And the rent is half the price.

OK, Barnsley is not Bromley, but Meadow Hall Shopping Centre is not far away, and Sheffield is only a short train journey. I am sure we are going to have fun checking out the many antique sale rooms, and garden centres in the area.

We are in the countryside and have already had our boots on and stamped our footprints along a fabulous bridleway. There are lots of horses and ponies in the fields. It's a far cry from the coal mines and coke works that used to fill the landscape around Barnsley.

I won't deny that it was a wrench to leave our daughter, Jo, and grandson, Jack, in the South, and I can't wait for them to visit. But now we are near to our son, David, our two lovely granddaughters, Star and Jade, and mum Tracy.

I shall continue to trip down to London every month, Beckenham isn't getting rid of me. I have church organ to play, and poetry to write, not to mention friends to meet for lunch, and plenty of mum-daughter days to enjoy.

So, the South Yorkshire Adventure begins! In fact it has already begun. Life is good!

Talk again soon, have a brilliant weekend dear reader.

Love Jane x

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tears From The Sun - The Story