Thursday, January 8, 2015



This is it! The beginning of another year, whoopee! of we go again!

I'm happily unemployed, free to create, free to use my days as I wish, and free to eat my meals at the time of day I want.

So, with my poet's head on I have spent the day revising some of my more silly poems ready for a public airing on the 7th February, when I shall be part of the entertainment at Beckenham Methodist Church. (More about that later) Suffice it to say that Aunt Martha is to come out of hiding.

And, what have I cooked today. Well, so far nothing. David made the porridge this morning, we had lunch at withering spoons in Bromley (extremely good value) and now it's 6.30 p.m so I think a snack is about to appear. I dare say I could rustle up a couple of pieces of toast.

Actually, watching the news has put me off my food. The emotional gatherings of people all over the world, solidarity against the outrage of the cold blooded murder by terrorists of writers and cartoonists in their offices in Paris. I feel so sorry for all those people of the Islamic faith, who are decent, respectable citizens. 
Oops! What? It's not burnt, it's just caught. It'll scrape off!

There was an old lady from Penge,
Who went on a trip to Stone Henge,
She put on her mac
And went there and back
In her brand new Mercedes Benz 

Love and hugs
Jane x

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