Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Went Wrong - Back to Work

Well, it was a brief retirement! Of course, I'm still a pensioner, although my pension has been reduced to a very small sum, but back to the wall, in order to be able to pay the rent, both David and I have been forced to find employment. BUT, you know what? I've really enjoyed working at Debenhams in Bromley.

Today is 'feet up' day. I worked Christmas Eve, and Boxing Day, (yesterday) with Christmas Day off, and I'm back on Monday. So it's a relaxing weekend for me. My contract comes to an end on 4th January, so only one week left (or not), because, life in the lap of the Gods, there is a chance that I may get an extension and be able to stay on.

And David has been working at Marks and Spencer's. His contract ends today, so we should celebrate when he gets in at about 11 a.m. He has worked nights in the run up to Christmas, and though very tired, he has survived the experience, and proved there is work in the old dog yet.

So, I'm not going to expand on what has brought on our dire situation, but suffice to say that if we could sell our little Cretan house, life would be much easier. And until that time we shall have to keep taking the tablets, and make sure we are healthy enough to earn some dosh.

Naturally, this change in our lifestyle has played havoc with our mission to loop the London loop. But we managed to get half way around, and we shall continue our quest at some point, I have no doubt. And, Valentino, my cello, is feeling very neglected at the moment. The Beckenham Ladies Choir, which I sang with, has now disbanded, so that leaves my poetry circle activities, which I am trying to keep up by proxy.

I shall try to get into a regular rhythm with this blog in the New Year. So until then, I hope you, dear reader, have had a happy Christmas, and I wish you the very best for 2015.

It's the first time I have felt as old as my great grandmother Selina Royston, in this picture. Better get the wrinkle cream on!
Love Jane x

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