Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wedding Bells to ring in Beckenham

Congratulations to James and Rachel, who surprised the congregation of the Methodist Church, on Sunday, when they announced their engagement. The wedding is planned for 31st May 2014, an event I am so looking forward to.

Now, I know I still haven't got round to telling you about my adventures in Crete, but I have to tell you about more recent happenings, first.

Well, no sooner was I back from Crete, than my friend, Mary, came to visit so that we could practice our music for this coming Sunday. We are going to play together, piano and cello, at a Christening service which is to be held at the Clock House Methodist church. We spent a lovely afternoon going through our pieces. 

Next came choir product on Monday evening. Only one more practice now before our concert on Saturday. Don't miss this Autumn Charity Concert of the Beckenham Ladies Choir. We are performing at Penge Congregational Church, High Street, Penge. Tickets are £7.50 on the door. All profits from this concert will go to charities supported by Beckenham Rotary Club: Young Carers of Bromley, CASPA, Demelza, Petts Wood Play Group, Phoenix, BAT, Maypole. So get out of that armchair and come and support us!

On Tuesday afternoon I hopped on a bus to Bromley, changed buses there, and got myself to the Ripley Arts Center for 2.30 p.m. It was the fortnightly meeting of the Shortlands Poetry Circle, of which, I am a member. This week we grouped together to read excerpts from long poems. I read from Omeros, by Derek Walcott, some people read T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland, and from the Four Quartets, there was a touch of Alice Oswald, The Dart, and other long poems. I must confess, I much prefer shorter poems, but I certainly admire and respect the work and artistry that goes into writing a long poem.

On my way home from the poetry group, I stopped off in Bromley to pick up a flip chart and an easel. It is all part of my upcoming talk that I am preparing to give (exciting stuff) in Greece, AND in Greek (Yikes!).
Anyway, more of that later. While I was in the Glades, I was stopped by a couple of customer support personnel, one of whom offered me a chocolate, and the other took my picture, they were Darren and Dee. We had a little chat, and I went on my merry way. A nice little interlude!

Now, it is Thursday, and David and I are going to take a little trip into town to buy our fruit and veggies. So, be patient with me, I promise to tell you about Crete, and what I am going to talk Greek about on my next trip. 

Take care dear reader, remember to do a good deed whenever you can, let love be your watchword, and we'll get together again soon.

Love and hugs,
Jane x

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