Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bromley Market in October

Well, the pictures say it all really!
 David and I picked up some lovely local veggies, and a little carved robin from the young man who was surrounded by wood carvings of some very exotic animals. I rather fancied a giraffe, but where would I have put it in our little flat.

 We resisted the Paella!
 I asked the young man if he had a web site, but he said that because every item was hand carved, and because no two items were exactly alike, he could not photograph them, and promise that the delivered item would look just like the photo. I saw his point, but I am sure with a little disclaimer that explained that each item was unique, and may differ slightly from the photo, he could increase his sales.

And think of all that packing and unpacking for the stall. If he sold on line, he could take orders over the internet, and post stuff out.

But I'm just an old granny with crazy ideas!

Anyway, all the best to this very pleasant young man who runs G&G Global Gift Collection Ltd.

You can contact Richard at:
Email: Richardgiles622@btinternet.com

And today I had yet another adventure. Yes, my life is full of adventure! But it's late now, so I'll save this one until next time.

Sleep well, dear reader, I send you happy vibes.
Love and hugs,
Jane x

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