Thursday, September 12, 2013

Want to Know How it Feels to Give Away a £10 note?

Want to know how it feels to give away a £10 note? Just wonderful!

To some of you reading this, £10 will be small fry, others will be saying, she's mad giving money away, when she has so little, and others might just follow my lead and do the same. Which one are you?

The streets of Beckenham are not lined with gold, but there is a fair bit of it passing around. It's a wonderful place to live.

Not much has happened today, though I have been busy every minute, writing my blogs, cello, piano, a bit of cleaning. Anyway, I just fancied a bit of mashed potato, so I peeled a few spuds, put them on to boil, and opened a tin of chunky steak. Now I haven't eaten tinned beef for a number of years, but I saw this chunky steak in Marks and Spencer's, and, maybe it was nostalgia, or maybe the picture on the tin, but I thought, that looks good, so I bought it. I opened it today, heated it up in a pan (easy) and poured half of it over my mashed (or is it creamed in Beckenham) potatoes. Just delicious!

And now, after I've written this, I shall write a list of what I need to take on my holidays. Only 6 sleeps to go, and I'll be off on another adventure.

Have a good evening dear reader,

Talk some more soon,
Love, Jane x

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