Saturday, September 7, 2013

Out for a Spin in West Wicomb

Last week passed quietly, in glorious sunshine. I took a walk in Kelsey park, treated myself to an ice cream from the little van in the park, and walked up as far as the Chinese garage. I hadn't realized that there is a butcher's shop in the little shopping precinct in Wickham Road. And a couple of nice looking cafe bars. I shall have to investigate them further. My exercise over, I settled to my cello practice, and relaxed with a good book, or two.

Poetry is one of my passions, and when I am not writing (which has been most of the summer) I am reading. At the moment it is Carol Anne Duffy's book, The Bees, and Rainer Maria Rilke's sonnets to Orpheus, translated by Martyn Crucefix. Two totally different books, both brilliant in their own ways.

Today I have been out and about with Joanne, a mother and daughter day, lovely. She took me to look at a car, which she took out for a spin, and decided to buy. It was all very exciting, she had been talking about buying a new car for ages. And I recon she deserves it because she works so hard, and in such a worthwhile job. Anyway, we had to celebrated of course, so we went to La Racasse (I think that is how you spell it) in Beckenham. We had a glass of bubbly, and lunch, and chatted for about an hour.

I have spent the rest of my day doing my cello practice, and making videos for Empower Network. We have high expectations for our little enterprise, it is certainly keeping me busy, and we get to meet such lovely people.

And now I am going to watch the last night of the proms, before bed. It's church in the morning, but I'm not playing the organ this week, so it isn't so stressful. And then I shall meet up with Jo again.

So, only a little adventure today, but I am tired so will say 'goodnight.' I hope your weekend is full of smiles.

Love and hugs,
Jane x

It's a lovely car, isn't it?

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