Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The New Doctor Who!

Is this the new Dr Who? Well, David has undergone a great transformation. As his new self he is heading for destinations previously only dreamed about. Now he is writing a book about blogging, and preparing for the launch of the Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform. This is going to be big. It will rival all others, and revolutionize business conducted from mobile phones. We are very excited about it.
And it doesn't stop there! We are looking to build a team who want to change their lives, and have a great lifestyle. Those people who want success, joy, and who want to be surrounded by upbeat people who will make them feel the flow of life. And believe me, once you are in the flow, the adventure begins.

As a pensioner, I don't want to have to stay in and watch TV because I can't afford to go out. I'm following Dr David Who, the man of my dreams.

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