Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The New Doctor Who!

Is this the new Dr Who? Well, David has undergone a great transformation. As his new self he is heading for destinations previously only dreamed about. Now he is writing a book about blogging, and preparing for the launch of the Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform. This is going to be big. It will rival all others, and revolutionize business conducted from mobile phones. We are very excited about it.
And it doesn't stop there! We are looking to build a team who want to change their lives, and have a great lifestyle. Those people who want success, joy, and who want to be surrounded by upbeat people who will make them feel the flow of life. And believe me, once you are in the flow, the adventure begins.

As a pensioner, I don't want to have to stay in and watch TV because I can't afford to go out. I'm following Dr David Who, the man of my dreams.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beware the Killer Squirrels!

 Don't you just love picnic tables in the park? This is the small park at Boulters Lock, right at the side of the river Thames.
 We had such a lovely time, wandering along the leafy pathways, and admiring the sculptures dotted around the park.

And as we walked, Yvonne told us the story of her experience with 'killer squirrels.' One day, one such beast had shot up the trouser leg of her unsuspecting grandson, causing pandemonium, as they took a leisurely stroll in the spring air. Well, that put us on killer squirrel alert, but, even though you could see the blood lust in their eyes, they kept well away from us.  
They may look cute and cuddly but marauding killer squirrels are devastating Britain’s wild bird population.
The grey squirrel has wiped out thousands of songbirds and ranks alongside the domestic and feral cat as the top killer of farmland birds.
The species was introduced here from North America in the 19th century and has no natural predators.
It is an expert climber and can reach the high branches of trees where birds like to build their nests.
The squirrel has an insatiable appetite and, if it comes across a chick or eggs, it gobbles them up.
Prof Roy Brown, of Birkbeck University of London, said yesterday: ‘In areas of high squirrel density, more than 93 per cent of small bird nests are being raided.
‘When this is combined with sparrowhawk activity, it can result in 100 per cent of breeding failure and a loss of 85 per cent of adult birds.’

So, you see, don't go around carrying chicks or eggs in your trouser pockets - you could be asking for trouble, especially if you are partial to a spot of picnicking in the park.
Keep smiling!
Love Jane x

Monday, July 29, 2013

Visiting The Queen in Windsor

 It seems like we weren't the only ones hoping to take tea with H.R.H. The Queen. Ah, well, I suppose she has other things on her mind. She is probably doing a spot of baby sitting. What a Royal week this is, with the birth of George, Alexander, Louis. Flags were flying, and pictures of a proud mum and dad leaving hospital with their new baby covered news stands. It isn't every day that a child born to be King, enters the world arena, and I, like most people add my 'Congratulations,' to Prince William and Kate. I know that I am a few days late, but I was on my way back from Denver, when the birth was announced.
 The nearest we got to seeing the Queen, was this very shiny engine, in Windsor Station. I might have forgotten my tiara, but I did remember to wear my 'Don't be a Wussie,' T-Shirt.
Happiness is quite infectious!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Laughter all the way with Jane and David

Have a laugh and watch our funny video. This is where it begins. Sorry about the tissue, but it's what people do. Hope you notice the Tears From the Sun T-Shirt, I had to get that one in.

Have a good weekend everyone. Love and laughter, Jane x

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jane Making Music in Denver, Colorado.

One minute I'm in Beckenham, and 22 hours later I'm in Denver, Colorado. The purpose of our our trip was to attend the Empower Network seminar. David and I had a fabulous time, met some awesome people, and learned such a lot. The weather was scorching hot but inside the Colorado Convention Center we were nice and cool in the air conditioned auditorium of the Bellaco Theatre. That is where all the action took place, although I have to say that there was a lot of action in our break time too. Best of all, I got to promote my book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey.

Here I am on the streets of Denver doing what comes naturally!
 All the people on the stage were celebrating their successes.
 Hello Hard Rock Cafe, where we had a great party.

 Here, David spotted a 'Welcome to Denver,' sign from
Our Team Leader, Tissa Godavitane and his lovely wife, Carolyne. They worked so hard to make us feel welcome, and make sure that we had a good experience.
One of the speakers who impressed me so much, was Justin Verenggia, a young man with a vision of 'freedom for all.'

I have more photos, but I think this will give you an idea of the huge adventure that I have just had in Denver. Of course, we are resting today, sort of. But last night we had fun making a video to promote our own business. I'll let you see it tomorrow.

For now, I wish you, my reader, a great day, and look forward to telling you more about our great 'American experience.'

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Awesome Birthday Adventure

 If you ever wondered what happiness looks like, this is it: a wonderful partner, a trip to London, and a glass of champagne in Champagne Charlies. But that was just the start of a fabulous adventure.

Yes, it was my birthday, yesterday. David has come home, and I have resumed my role as wife, hence the bigger than normal smile. And, please note the badge, 'Perfect Wife,' it came with my birthday card, and I wear it with pride.

Well, I did ask for something exciting for my birthday, and this is what David came up with, two tickets for the Thames Rib Experience, which was indeed an unforgettable journey along London's world famous waterway, on a thrilling, roller coaster speed boat. We went all the way down to the Thames Barrier, taking in the sights. Oh, it was FUN!

After putting on coats and life jackets we boarded the twelve seat speed boat.
 The skippers, Andy and Mark, made sure that the trip was exhilarating, and they even played 'Happy Birthday' as we sped past the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The London Eye, London Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Greenwich, The O2 Arena, up to the Flood Barrier and back to the Embankment.

Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament
 Exciting, or wot!
The London Eye

The Shard

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge

The Thames Flood Barrier

 And, of course, a family meal to round off a perfect day. Here we are at ChomChom in Beckenham, with Jo and Jack. Hopefully, we shall get together with our other grandchildren, Star and Jade, very soon. Thanks to Skype, I am able to see our son and family, and hope to make a trip north to visit them very soon.
Thanks my perfect husband, for a wonderful birthday.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Not That Cold Up North!

I'm just home from an excellent adventure! Four days with my good friend, Pauline, in Marton, Middlesbrough. Not only did I get to meet one of my Facebook friends, Jay Tee the famous Middlesbrough film maker, but I also managed to do a bit of book promotion at the Marton library. Pauline treated me to the delights of the area, which included a night at the Bingo, a trip to the Transporter Bridge, and Fish and Chips at Saltburn by the sea. And it was fun, fun, fun the whole way. We ended up so tired that we almost fell asleep watching The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, and I doubt many slept through that.                      
Pauline took me on a Magical Mystery Tour
 It's a long time since I last played Bingo, but I soon got the hang of it. Pauline supplied me with a dobber, I called it a dibber, but it didn't bring me luck. Never mind, we had a laugh.

 It's a good job I took my mac because the next day was slightly inclement. Not to be deterred, we headed for the seaside. I really loved Saltburn with its Victorian Spa feel, the Valley Gardens, and the Funicular lift up the cliff side. We called at the cafe bar in the gardens and had a lovely hot chocolate, then we walked to the Smuggler's Inn, and went onto the beach to do a spot of fossil hunting. I learned that this was the Jurassic coast, and after that there was no stopping us. We both found fantastic fossil specimens of crustaceans from millions of years ago.

 Of course we had to walk along the pier (in the pouring rain) with our fish and chips. There were lots of schoolchildren enjoying a day trip to Saltburn. And when we had washed our sticky fingers, we went into the arcade and had 50 pence worth of slot machine fun.

The Funicular lift as seen from the pier.

 Ticket officer, Paul, and lift operator, Adrian, tried to explain where the boundary of Yorkshire stopped and started. It is all very confusing, but most people I spoke to liked to thing themselves as being Yorkshire. The 50p ride up the cliff was well worth the money. And at the top to open the doors was another Paul, Paul the banjo player. He even gave us a tune, and a little ditty, before we headed off into the wind and rain, in search of the famous chocolate shop.

 Oh Yes! Chocolate!
 And the next day the sun came out, right on cue for my book signing morning at the Marton Library. There I met Jay Tee, a local film director. We have been Facebook friends for a couple of years, and never met. It was a good meeting, and after the event we went to the pub for a jar and a natter.

 I was happy to promote my writing, and I got into conversation with lots of lovely people. It was the first time Tears From the Sun - A Cretan Journey had been to Middlesbrough.

 On the way home we took a close up look at the famous Middlesbrough transporter bridge. It's a true dinosaur, thin at one end, fat in the middle, and thin at the other end.
 We laughed at this sign. It was placed at the beginning of a graveyard we passed.
 This photo was taken before the choir arrived on stage. The Concert was given at the Town Hall in Middlesbrough. It was called Coronation Celebration, and the orchestra was the Mowbray Orchestra, conductor John Forsyth MBE. The Choir was the Cleveland Philharmonic Choir. How marvelous that my friend Pauline should think of me and book seats as a Saturday night treat. It was wonderful to sing Land of Hope and Glory with the audience, just like the last night at the Proms. (Well almost).
 And then we needed beer. After church on Sunday morning, we changed into our country garb and headed for the dales. We parked the car at Cobbydale and walked along a bridleway, about 2 miles, to a pub called The Eskdale. It was an easy walk in God's own countryside.
We saw lots of Tumuli, I have to look up the history of the area. I forgot to tell you that we did visit a museum at Redcar, and we saw the exhibition called The Saxon Princess. Fantastic jewelery that had been found in a Saxon graveyard, in a field not far from Redcar. The owner of the jewelery had been buried in a bed. Other graves produced more beads and gold broaches etc. Thoroughly fascinating!

To round off my trip, Pauline took me to Guisbrough Priory, or what is left of it. And then we went home to a hearty meal and a game of scrabble. It was the end of my stay in Middlesbrough.

Now I am back in Beckenham with all those memories of my little adventure North. I missed choir practice last night (bad girl) but am now raring to go, and have spent a good two hours practicing my cello today. Tomorrow I have to visit the dentist, and then I had better do a bit of shopping, I ended up having boiled eggs and baked beans for tea tonight, the cupboards are almost bare. Still, Pauline fed me so well that I'd better cut down a bit for the next few days.

I traveled to Middlesbrough on the train. I booked on-line with EastCoastTrains, making a good saving by using my Senior Rail Card. So I can thoroughly recommend you get one if you are entitled. And I am already planning my next adventure. Follow me again soon, to see where I get to in July.

Bye for now, love, peace, and lots of fun,
Jane x

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